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Above, you, below ^<V PART 30

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  • Above, you, below ^<V PART 30

    Welcome to the 30th installment of Aznrtx10's popular ^<V game! This is a thread for getting to know your fellow HF members. Relax, talk about your day, ask some questions and have a good time!

    For anyone unfamiliar with this game, here are the rules:


    ^ (respond to what the person who last posted said or asked)
    < (say something about yourself)
    V (ask a question or make a statement.... let it be open so that anyone can answer it)


    Here's a link to Part 29 for anyone who wants it:
    Above, you, below #29

    Anyway, let's begin~!

    ^ N/A
    < Wow, Part 30! Who knew this thread would be around so long? At 4,000 posts apiece, that's 116,000 posts--and counting! I wonder if this is HF's longest-running thread ever?
    V Do you remember when and why you started posting in this thread? (not Part 30, I mean the ^<V thread in general)

  • ^^^^ I will NEVER install Windows 10, nor will I buy any computer that comes with it pre-installed. This is making it extremely difficult for me to get a new laptop.
    ^ I've always liked pistachio.
    < And so my mother passed away last night. Now, it looks like her relatives are going to give me a lot of trouble over what happens afterwards, but as the eldest son they legally cannot dispute what I say. And I'll just tell myself that after this is done I no longer have any reason to ever have truck with them again, now that my mother is gone. As I have mentioned here at other times, they are a quarrelsome bunch of troublemakers and I really want nothing more to do with them in the future.
    > And now there is also my father. His relatives have caused me almost as much trouble, and, selfish to the very end, he has created what is essentially a tax on my income.
    v Which branch of your family do you have the best relations with?
    A. My mother's relatives.
    B. My father's relatives.
    C. My in-laws (if applicable).
    D. A sibling's in-laws (if applicable, and mention which).

    In principio erat Verbum, et Verbum erat Programma, et Programma erat Miku. Et Miku Caro Factum Est, et Habitavit in Nobis.


    • ^ A, though even that is not a great or loving relationship.

      < My family is one of those that manages to be dysfunctional despite we only wanting each other's best, *sigh*.

      v Something you can find comfort in in gloomy times?


      • ^
        > I find myself overindulging in hobbies like gaming, drawing, playing the piano, you know
        > after I broke up with my girlfriend 7 years ago, I developed this compulsive, almost unconcious, need to play jazz and learn jazz standards. I kid you not, it became an obsession
        > and sure, I've always been into jazz more or less, but that time I just used to spend this absurd amount of time .. just locked up in my room, playing for HOURS nonstop.
        > there was a time when I realized I had been playing the whole night -- it was already 4:30, birds started chirping outside and I was like "what the hell? it was 10:30 a while ago"
        > and of course I had to get a set of earphones because even my aunt who usually likes to hear me playing got tired of it and asked me to turn the volume down.
        > it happened to me, no joke.

        < Unrelated but, I just finished FE Awakening, and .. damn, the closing epilogue for the characters ... what in the, get out of town, that was amazing, I haven't found a game that got me so involved with the characters right at the last minute
        < I don't know what this game is supposed to be, turn based strategy? jrpg? visual novel? there are many things about it that are just so well thought and actually made with careful planning and so much attention to detail that, it's one of those games that shine because of the execution rather than the concept, I can see why it became a hit.
        < anyway, I'm now sure I'll be playing Fates (or probably I should get myself to finish VC3 because I already spoiled myself watching the ending cutscenes on youtube and there are like 4 or 5 more chapters left before the end)
        < I oughta have enough time to get this over with soon enough because I'm not watching anime anymore, so that'll give me some extra time to waste on games.

        > 90 something hours spent on this game, I have no regrets whatsoever.

        So before I keep talking about FE, what's on your clipboard?
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        • ^

          < It's the image link to a pic I posted in this thread.

          v Now that you've read this, will you post in that thread as well?
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          • ^ Probably not. My wallpaper is just a blue gradient.
            < I tend to remote access my computers and so a complex desktop background will just make it harder.
            > So my mother's funeral was yesterday. I spent the night at the funeral chapel and cleaned everything up as best we could, and after the requiem mass and interment of my mother's urn at the cathedral crypt my relatives made plans behind my back for a family dinner, not bothering to ask me about anything. So predictably they chose a place that would require me to drive for about thirty minutes to get there, and I suggested a closer restaurant, but they were already on the way. So I told them to shove off I'm not going. If this is how my relationship with that side of the family will be for this time after my mother's passing then most likely life will be much more peaceful. Now that my mother's gone I have no more obligation to have any dealings with them any longer.
            v How often do you start new threads here on HF?

            In principio erat Verbum, et Verbum erat Programma, et Programma erat Miku. Et Miku Caro Factum Est, et Habitavit in Nobis.


            • ^ Once per month at least because of the idol of the month thing
              < ...
              V Tell us something recent that let you down or cheered you up:


              • ^ I finally received my high res audio player (this one, if you're curious) and the sound quality it wrings out of my recently completed FLAC rip library of my CDs is stunning, way better than I had hoped it to be. I instantly deleted every single MP3 on my HDD.

                < Since it came with a discount cupon I spontaniously decided to give high-res audio a try and purchased an album (this one, if you care) before it just expires. My verdict: Sure, sounds great but I don't notice any noticable improvement from my CD-ripped FLACs, unlike the massive change from MP3 to FLAC. Well, I don't regret it, the album itself is great and was actually cheaper than the CD version with the discount even if 1,6 GB is a lot of space for a 72 minute album.

                v Last time you tried something just for the heck of it (meaning spontaneously without planing) and the result?
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                • ^ Last week I decided to host a gaming podcast, it was pretty cool.
                  < ...
                  V Tell us a feature you would like to add in Hongifire:


                  • ^ well a built in chat room would be nice.

                    < im not really into this seasons' anime. almost 1/4th of the series are boys sports, reverse harem, or bishonen-fujoshi aimed. And the rest doesnt strike me as interesting.

                    V are you used to's new look?


                    • ^ Nope, not at all.

                      < Then again the staff is still at it to implement further improvements.

                      v Something that has improved recently?


                      • ^ An app we are working on at work. I've seen really good changes in the good way recently.
                        < ...
                        V Tell us something you've started doing/watching/playing for the first time recently:


                        • ^ Made myself a 50/50 mix drink for the first time in a long while
                          < I would also have to start looking for a new phone since gravity has granted me the
                          opportunity to replace said phone.
                          v Last time you rage quit?


                          • ^ for a video game? Overwatch, I had no fucking clue why our team had four Hanzo's...... Four snipers. .....smh.

                            < Just realized this month will be my fourth aniversary since I've been active here on hongfire. 7/2012 was when I started being active. Wow, so much shitposting. XD
                            < Don't you hated when you're in the library and there is some asshole sleeping and snoring? I actually put my phone to play the song BOOM from System of a Down when I get a text. Every time I hear that guy snoring, I use my tablet to send a text to my phone and the song starts playing on full blast that it wakes the guy up every time. XD I'm true asshole.

                            V Last time you did something mischievous?
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                            • ^ Many many years ago in elementary school, i tied up a classmates two sleeves in a knot due to an argument. The way how he tried to get himself out of the shirt was funny at the time.

                              < And so today is my birthday, it was a nice uneventful day and i had cake with the family. thats all i wanted. Especially considering last year the whole province was covered in smoke from the wildfire, and 3 years ago my home was burned down and i had to celebrate my birthday in a hotel.

                              V whats your favorite kind of cake?


                            • ^ Blueberry cheesecake!
                              < And so I tried making lasagne today. It turned out well enough, I should think.
                              v How long have you had your current job?
                              A. Less than a year
                              B. 1-2 years
                              C. 2-4 years
                              D. 4-8 years
                              E. 8+ years
                              F. I'm retired
                              G. I'm still a student
                              H. I'm unemployed, you insensitive clod
                              I. Work is for suckers

                              In principio erat Verbum, et Verbum erat Programma, et Programma erat Miku. Et Miku Caro Factum Est, et Habitavit in Nobis.