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Above, you, below ^<V PART 30

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  • Above, you, below ^<V PART 30

    Welcome to the 30th installment of Aznrtx10's popular ^<V game! This is a thread for getting to know your fellow HF members. Relax, talk about your day, ask some questions and have a good time!

    For anyone unfamiliar with this game, here are the rules:


    ^ (respond to what the person who last posted said or asked)
    < (say something about yourself)
    V (ask a question or make a statement.... let it be open so that anyone can answer it)


    Here's a link to Part 29 for anyone who wants it:
    Above, you, below #29

    Anyway, let's begin~!

    ^ N/A
    < Wow, Part 30! Who knew this thread would be around so long? At 4,000 posts apiece, that's 116,000 posts--and counting! I wonder if this is HF's longest-running thread ever?
    V Do you remember when and why you started posting in this thread? (not Part 30, I mean the ^<V thread in general)

  • ^ No. And actually, FF came to my mind just because of all the XIII stuff but overall I think the series evolved really good and so far my least FF games are FFIII and FFIV.
    < Can't wait for FFXV.
    V Recommend us something you've discovered recently:


    • ^Harmful Opinions' Harmful Remixes (this is cheating a bit, since it's been a few months; I just really wanted to share this)

      < 'Feminism is cancer' to 'listen to Alex Jones' to 'an old Mexican proverb'; one laugh after another, and she said all the words necessary to make this in just one speech!
      < Sorely disappointed at the lack of Pepe though...

      V Post your dankest maymay
      Do I need to say anything?
      I'm about to just spill some coffee, take a picture, call it art, and throw it on here...


      • ^ You can't go wrong with the classics.

        < I really want to be active more, but the site slow downs make me not want to...

        V how are you?


        • ^ So-so, I guess.

          < But I finally managed to make Onigiri that didn't fall apart during the weekend, yay! \(^-^)/

          v Tell us about something you've been getting better at.


          • ^ Programming
            < damn HF has become laggy and semi-dead :\
            < my newest shuffle vid:
            V how often do you visit HF nowadays?



            • ^ Every day, but I suck at starting threads and conversations, so since there's less activity, I'm less active as well...

              < Passed an N1 mock exam (barely) and got ahead in my course work (by a few weeks). Feeling super great about my academic progress! And now there's a hurricane coming and the whole freaking state is flipping their shit... We get one almost every year... The fact that the evacuation procedures have started four days before expected landfall should show that too many people have moved here for the infrastructure to handle, and I've been saying that for years...

              V Something you feel good (or bad ) about.
              Do I need to say anything?
              I'm about to just spill some coffee, take a picture, call it art, and throw it on here...


              • ^ Feeling good: all the animes that are in the fall season. Feeling bad: getting the cold, and being swarmed with midterms.

                < Looks like the site has improved in speed. Hope it'll be better.
                < Also... getting alot of rain here.

                V Hows the weather over there?


                • ^ Clear and sunny since winter is on its way
                  < Family trip so going away for a week ^_^
                  < Done with packing and will leave in coupe of hours since the train is schedule to depart by 5:00pm
                  V Last time you went for a trip ? Where you went ? and most importantly did you enjoyed it ?


                  • ^ I went to the city nearby and make a visit to a Sci-fi exhibition and also walk around the city's old Castle. I was with friend and we had a nice day.
                    < ...
                    V How has been your October so far and how are you facing the last months of 2016?


                    • ^ caret,left angled bracket,letter v part 30
                      < woaah hf is still alive aaand it looks different, kinda liked it
                      V where do you life atm?


                      • ^
                        That's a bit of a sensible question.
                        > hanging out in Spain atm, actually
                        < damn I've been trying to access the site since last month.
                        < forum died a sudden death I assume?
                        > Speaking of the dead, yesterday I was practicing my piano repertoire, and casually remembered that Youtube dot com song by Irving Fields.
                        < decided to take a look and found out he passed away in August.
                        > I mean 101 years old, you can't complain bud.

                        < Now I'm pretty sure that from the old timers, the only one left is Aznavour.

                        Is this how the Hongfire forum is going to end? (if yes don't bother replying)
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                        Ringo Mogire BEAM
                        | HF-CLAMP #148 | HF-TYPE MOON #215 |


                        • ^ Nope, we've survived worse. Filesharing is back, the regular faces are still here, and I've seen new faces around as well. With the new forum software working, I suspect we'll be back to pre-hacking levels soon.

                          < Going to Atlanta for the JLPT in a couple of weeks. Hope I can pass the N1 this time...

                          V What's the last test/exam you've had to take?
                          Do I need to say anything?
                          I'm about to just spill some coffee, take a picture, call it art, and throw it on here...


                          • ^ a finance for managers midterm 2 weeks ago.

                            < Been very busy lately
                            < Finals in next week!

                            V Whats the last song you've listened to?


                            • ^ Melodies of life (FF9)
                              < Just woke up and already its 4:00 pm *sigh* my whole sleep cycle is in chaos mode right now >_<
                              < Finished batman arkham knight game yesterday (atleast the main story) it was good only dlc left
                              < My little project is also somewhat finished only some clean up and rendering to do
                              V Which one you do more in general play games or watch animes ?


                              • ^ i generally spend more time playing games than watching anime.

                                < Looks like the activity for the site hasnt recovered yet
                                < On another note, my final exams are done. Time to enjoy the winter break.
                                < Hope everyone else is enjoying the winter.

                                V Does your place have snow?