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Above, you, below ^<V PART 30

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  • ^ Some years we get a tiny bit of snow around Christmas (though more likely in January), on others, it's 80F and raining.

    < Just this past week we went from 50-something degree highs to 78, back to the 50s, back to the high 70s, and its supposed to cool off for this week.
    There's been a lot of fog as well, which is also normal for this time of year.
    It rarely gets colder than 15F here (and even that's only in the dead of night), but the air is still humid in the winter (well, not compared to the rest of the year, but compared to other places), so it'll feel miserably cold, even in the 40s.

    V Is it dry where you live, or wet?
    Do I need to say anything?
    I'm about to just spill some coffee, take a picture, call it art, and throw it on here...


    • ^ wet, but not tropical wet. Just quite often rain and snow
      < newest xmas shuffle vid:
      V when was the last time you went to a gym?



      • ^ a few years ago. The last time was at a university gym.

        < Im not that concerned about my physical image, or really into paying membership fees for gyms either.
        < And its the start of the new semester year!
        < also. is the site still loading pretty slow?

        V how's the new year for you so far?


        • ^ Its ok so far. Nothing major except lost some money on an investment since I became too greedy.
          < Should have sold them when it was high. Its ok since I am trying to recover the money now hopefully I will be successful.
          < Important lessons learned whatever goes up will come down and never become too greedy *sigh*
          < hmm
          V What was the last lesson you have learned ? Did that came in a good way or bad way to you ?