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Above, you, below ^<V PART 30

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  • Above, you, below ^<V PART 30

    Welcome to the 30th installment of Aznrtx10's popular ^<V game! This is a thread for getting to know your fellow HF members. Relax, talk about your day, ask some questions and have a good time!

    For anyone unfamiliar with this game, here are the rules:


    ^ (respond to what the person who last posted said or asked)
    < (say something about yourself)
    V (ask a question or make a statement.... let it be open so that anyone can answer it)


    Here's a link to Part 29 for anyone who wants it:
    Above, you, below #29

    Anyway, let's begin~!

    ^ N/A
    < Wow, Part 30! Who knew this thread would be around so long? At 4,000 posts apiece, that's 116,000 posts--and counting! I wonder if this is HF's longest-running thread ever?
    V Do you remember when and why you started posting in this thread? (not Part 30, I mean the ^<V thread in general)

  • ^ I dont have one at the moment. But what i can tell you is don't buy the Monster isport Drive even at discount. They're awkward to wear especially, and while you can hear your surroundings better, they are awful at indoor hearing because you can hear your surroundings.

    < So i recently graduated university. Now im trying to decide how to get a job. I realize that i haven't gotten any work experience since highschool, so i may need to get a low level job again to build up my resume...

    V Do you play any videogames? What was the last game you played?


    • ^ Just finished playing some Shovel Knight, which a friend gifted me with on Steam.

      < Since I'm one of those guys who considers video games a legitimate form of art I'm usually searching for stuff a bit more out there though.

      v Do you enjoy anything that is usually classified as (high) "art"?


      • ^ Classical music
        < Although I haven't played any sort since 2006. I should get back into it...
        < I have to "debug" my front bumper again.
        v Latest anime series you're enjoying?


        • ^ I want to say Attack on Titan S2 but that's to be expected. I'm also enjoying Ghost in the Shell Arise recently which brings me back to the memories of the original series.

          < I haven't quite seen the GitS live adaptation but my hopes are going to be fairly low when I go into it!

          V Is there any video game that you're looking forward to playing this year?

          Learn lots. Don't judge. Laugh for no reason. Be nice. Seek happiness.


          • ^ Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

            < Still saving up for a Nintendo Switch.

            v Last thing you had to save money for over several months?


            • ^ Vacation, which is next month
              < Rain again today...
              v Something you should be doing now, but are being a slacker?


              • ^ Hooking random pieces of metal to a function generator and an oscilloscope to show that you can send signals with just about anything, it's just a matter of signal quality.

                < Could be doing that or I could read a bit more... I think reading is going to win out today and I'll be doing that stuff tonight.

                V Interesting book/manga/VN you read recently?
                Do I need to say anything?
                I'm about to just spill some coffee, take a picture, call it art, and throw it on here...


                • ^ Stephen Hawking's "A Brief History of Time", theoretical physics are weird but intruiging.

                  < I also love when screenwriters know enough about science to have their plots at least a little basis in it, like say "Contact".

                  v Every witnessed something in a fictional story that was so against the laws of physics/chemistry/biology/whatever it actually broke your willing suspension of disbelief?


                  • ^ The last time was in Macross Delta. It was a scene where a supporting character is killed, but the things leading up to it did not make sense to me, for example: The enemy pilot flew through a cloud of debris which should've sent shrapnel into his fighter's engine or the high velocity collision with debris would've pierced through his windshield/fighter.

                    < Another one was in the Sky Crawlers movie. The maneuvers the character "The teacher" used were impossible... Fighters are not spaceships! Im sure the Red Tails scene "Show him a little trick i learned" is almost as ridiculous.
                    < Which is suppose why there aren't many animes doing aviation theme or anything flying. The idea of flight is difficult to grasp and making a good dogfight scene is even more so because reversals in combat are somewhat like a chess game and requires a more fleshed out world like detailing why a fighter is better than the other, or how the pilot messed up.

                    V Favorite ice cream flavor?
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                    • ^ Vanilla is good, but even better when mixed with crushed strawberries. Strawberry icecream from the store isn't that good though, IMO.

                      < Summer classes almost over; I get a week off before Fall classes start. Will be spending a decent chunk of that time working on a one-off translation gig though; want to make sure I do it well.

                      V How's life treating you at the moment?
                      Do I need to say anything?
                      I'm about to just spill some coffee, take a picture, call it art, and throw it on here...


                      • ^ Alright i guess. My skin allergies and eczema came back in full force. And im taking whatever rest i can to get my skin to go back to normal.

                        < My laptop died, so i decided to finally buy a premade gaming desktop. Im pretty happy with my purchase so far. Though now i wish i could've built my own. Maybe next time.
                        < website is still slow as ever.

                        V what was your last purchase?
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                        • ^ A Café Mocha and an apple danish which were both amazing.

                          > Since this site is super slow I'll admit to wishing that I could have sucked off sithstormjedi, sholum, and JAHT. I love the taste of cum and even though (I think) they're not gay I wish I could have given them all oral. I'd love to give them some pleasure. I'm bi but I always thought they were sexy so it's funny to think about after all these years~

                          V Let's go with a classic. What is your ideal breakfast meal?

                          Learn lots. Don't judge. Laugh for no reason. Be nice. Seek happiness.


                          • ^ Something with eggs benedict. But i guess some instant ramen with egg and bacon would be great too.

                            < Rain today, last week it was snowing. And i wish it was snowing.

                            V Are you watching any anime currently?


                            • ^ Yes recent one is Inuyashiki (old robot protagonist very interesting), jigoku shoujo (season 1) and started Black lagoon
                              < It rained while I was asleep is seems i can see only cloudy sky now
                              < What you will do if you suddenly get 10000$ to spend ?


                              • ^ Completely revamp my rig, including buying the Rift next

                                < What the fuck is happening in the help section............. why is it unnoticed??

                                V What was your longest hiatus from Hongfire?