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    Not going to count on the younger folks knowing these... Call it history... call it nostalgia... I still find them awesome even though corny.


    Oddly as far as I could recall I never really remember any of their endings
    A total of 8 youtube clips on these folks, lets see how much of a cartoon addict you were. Let's start with clip 1:

    1.M.A.S.K :I remember having a sticker book for this... and the cool toys too.

    2.Centurions: I always wanted those toys... never got my hands on them sadly.

    3.Defenders of the Earth: Never seen this one... but the song is so 80's

    4.Wheeled Warriors: I remember this one as well, again it's one of those 'now how did it end?' kind. Definitely a Loli in there.

    5.Visionaries: Once again another toy I wanted but never got, as well as the ending escapes me...

    6.Transformers: Yes, they looked that awesome even now... I much prefered the Japanese spinoff that went 'transform! head on!' can't remember what those were... but those transformers somewhat needed humans as a head...

    7.The Real Ghostbusters: Awesome sauce!!! Now why are they called the 'REAL' Ghostbusters? Well because before them there were already a cartoon called The Ghostbusters... Another classic! I so love ecto 01 's siren!!!

    8.Danger Mouse : Now this one is... I've only read it's children books, never seen the cartoon.

    9.Dungeons & Dragons: Now if only my Dungeon Master when I RP was that forgiving and nice... Never know how this one ended as well.

    10.Madballs: The song I've heard, but when I saw this I was

    11.The Telebugs: Never heard of them... were they the Teletubbies' cybernetic associate?

    12.My little Pony: Well you have to give the girlies something to watch besides Barbie right? As a boy I refused to watch that

    13.Ducktales: It's from Don Mickey's Disney, as you could see, animation wise Disney has the definite upper hand compare to the others.

    So in part one my score was 8/13, if there's good respond to this thread, I'll continue the other parts... What's your score?

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    I think some of shows were never shown in Canada, where I reside.

    The only shows that I've seen or know about are:
    Dungeons & Dragons
    My Little Pony
    The Real Ghostbusters


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      My favorite animated show ever is the Darkwing Duck although is more of the 90s.
      I go for Duck Tales and My Little Pony.


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        Heh heh. I remember we did something similar to this a while back.

        ja ne


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          Dude, that's about theme songs, not the cartoon contents itself, still it is a very useful link, and covers way more than the selected few.

          On the other hand, that thread proves that thread can sink faster now.
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          Stuff Posing As Meat...You've ate it and loved it...
          It : (Pronoun) used to represent a person or animal understood, previously mentioned, or about to be mentioned whose gender is unknown or disregarded


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            what no jem and the holograms?


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              Heh, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, I remember that one. Funny thing about that show, it's the roots for the show that became Babylon 5. Same producer/writer, J. Michael Straczynski, did both, and he admitted to placing references to the lightning league from Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors in Babylon 5....


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                whoa! one of them got that techno going on heheh catchy.

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                  You missed out

                  Tail Spin, you hurt Baloo
                  Star Blazers? Where is my wave motion gun
                  Thunder Cats. Poor Lionel you forgot him
                  Galaxy Rangers. Go on doc sprite him
                  Thunderbirds 2086. No quip here

                  Boy do i feel old
                  Common Sense Absent


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                    arrrrgg! my childhood! now I feel older that I use to

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                      i used to watch the centurions when i was little. reruns i think they were by the time i watched them. i grew more on the 90's cartoon shows though.
                      shows that were before the 80's though that i loved (still love):
                      mighty mouse
                      betty boop
                      little lulu
                      mickey mouse/donald duck
                      bugs bunny/daffy duck
                      woody woodpecker.
                      tom and jerry.