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Torrent Linking Guidelines


1. For torrent linking, the service is recommended. (It is very easy to use)
Try not to attach the torrent files in the forum as we do not want to host any torrent files.


Rule#0: Licensed materials are disallowed.
Torrent threads containing licensed materials will now be removed from the database. External links found, that links to licensed materials are also deleted on sight. We do not serve them, look for them elsewhere.

* No licensed games from western continents like NTSC(US) and PAL products.

* Licensed manga scans like those scans directly from US licensed Dark Horse or Tokyopop releases are NOT allowed. Fan translated manga is still acceptable as long as they're not licensed by any US companies.

* OSTs or any music albums which are already licensed/released/localized & made available by US companies are NOT allowed. Other than that, the rest are fine. Only anime or Asian related albums are allowed (like J-Pops & anime OSTs)

* No DLSite material.

Rule#1: Each and every torrent thread, created by members, found in the torrent section, MUST contain a torrent link in their first post.
Direct download links is not allowed in the torrent section. Threads without torrent links are deleted. Torrent section is strictly for torrents, no exceptions, so don't forget that.

Rule #2: Materials that will be posted on the site must be Asian-related.
Take note that hf caters to any materials, appropriate to the site, as long as it is Asian-related. Any materials found that is irrelevant to the site will be removed without prior notice. Please note JAV and live porn are not allowed here.

Rule#3: Title and tag your threads appropriately.
The thread title should clearly identify the file(s) being torrented. If it is a big boobs game, make sure that [big boobs] is indicated in the thread title. The same goes for [guro], [furry], [big boobs], etc. For h-animes and live action, indicate whether it is [cen] or [uncen], [sub] or [dubbed]. For mangas, label whether it is in [eng], [chn], [jap], etc. For anime, indicate the fansub group in the title. For music, indicate the artist's name and the album. But please, don't overdo it. One or two tags in the thread title should be enough. The rest will be found in the post instead.

Rule #4: Provide a detailed description of what your torrent contains.
Indicate (if available and appropriate) the series name, what season, which episodes, the group that subbed it or if it is a raw, etc. If you can provide images, please do so, but not too many images that severely affects the loading of the thread. Provide thumbnails if possible so as not to clutter the thread with images. Wallpaper-sized images are not permitted. With that said, password protected files must have the password clearly listed in the same post as the torrent. There shall be no files that requires visiting third party sites, and no riddles whatsoever. Failure to do so will most likely result to thread or post deletion.

Rule #5: Make sure that you give proper credit to the material at hand.
Include group name tags on the file that released such a product or material. Remember that without them, you won't have that material in the first place.

Rule #6: Group similar contents together.
If you are seeding manga, do not create multiple torrents for each chapter or anything of the similar sort. Just .zip, .rar, etc. them up and share them as one file. If you want to add another file, edit your first post to include it in the list. Do not create a new thread just because it's a new release, post inside the existing thread instead.

Paradox: It is unavoidable that some anime titles get so popular that lots of fansub groups are subbing it. If such is the case, then make sure that your thread title indicate which fansub group is doing the subbing. We can allow multiple fansub group threads of one popular anime exist simultaneously, as long as it's labeled properly.

Rule #7: If you decide to upload a torrent file, make sure to SEED IT so that at least there will be more seeders for the future.
Any torrents that do not have seeds for a prolonged time period will be removed. Torrent owners are encouraged to report their dead torrents to ensure clean and smooth flow of the torrent section.

Rule #8: As a standard, all materials that you want to share in HongFire should be in high quality.
Anything that's poor quality and have received an adequate amount of reports of poor quality will have torrent thread removed. This includes intrusive watermarking and excessive advertising.

Rule #9: Do NOT post fake materials in the forums.
The material, described in the post, shoud be the same, exact material contained in the attached torrent. Fake torrents will be removed when confirmed. Make sure that no malware, adware, spyware, viruses, worms, trojans, and other malicious codes, to be part of the material at hand. This is a serious offense to hf, and will only get you a permanent ban.

Rule #10: Do not flood the torrent threads with "thank you" replies.
If you want to show your appreciation to the material posted, use the reputation system instead. The system was created for a purpose, and one of its purposes is this.

Rule #11: Some torrent sites have a rule prohibiting members from posting their torrents to other sites.
We will abide by that rule. Should we find torrents that specifically breaks this rule, we will remove them immediately.
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