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    I am having difficulty setting up my plantronics 220 headset to my computer. My computer uses vista 32-bit and I am pretty sure it is bluetooth compatible. I was wondering if the problem I have is a driver and if so was wondeing where I could get ahold of it.
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    Sometimes, you need to disable the bluetooth on the computer, then reset it
    to turn on the "searchable device" option (if you already have it checked on).

    Now, is it telling you that you are connected, or is it always searching for the
    device? With bluetooth devices, sometimes you need to manually switch it over
    to searchable device, and then (with all bluetooth devices) enter a password
    (which is by default, "0000").

    Next, check your control panel for the bluetooth services and see if you can't
    connect other devices.

    If this doesn't work, go onto Plantronics' website to see if it's a known bug, or
    a workaround in their Kbase.