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  • [Android Phone & Tablet] What Android phone are you currently using?

    Hey guys I know the Android community is small here but for those who use an Android powered device What Brand/Model is it and why do you love it?
    What features do you like about the phone?
    Also, do you root, add coustom roms to make it faster? Or do you keep it plain and simple?
    Theres alot of people in my area who dosent like Android phone but I would tell them what i love about it since android was my 1st smartphone and I would also like to hear your guy's story also =).

    Brand: Samsung

    Model: Galaxy S II

    Carrier: T-Mobile

    Rom: Cyanogenmod 7

    What I like about the galaxy s ii is the massive display about 4.52 inches to be exact which is perfect for anything (to me).
    The 1.5 GHz dual core cpu makes my multi tasking easier and makes the phone more smoother.
    Also running a custom rom because the stock Touchwiz 4.0 is also great, the thing is im not a fan of stock rom. They tend to be noticeable lag at some ends and sometime people just dont like the feature a stock rom has.

    I root and add coustom rom to make mine or any phone to have a smooth experice.

  • Samsung Galaxy S2


    • Samsung Note 4 - Pretty much buy a Note on even releases. Grabbing a 6 when it releases.
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      • Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

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        • Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro (GT-I8552) with Jellybean, not rooted. But it's now mostly for telephone, chatting, general browsing etc. only. For gaming I use a (rooted - else I can't transfer huge game data to the MicroSD card) Xiaomi Mi Pad running KitKat.


          • ASUS Zenfone 5 with Android Lollipop 5.0
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            • Moto X 2nd Gen. (XT1097) 32GB


              • Originally posted by April Angela View Post
                Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML (4gb ram 64gb internal)

                cheap vs performance vs other brands flagship *it's only 250$ to 300$*
                Dual SIM
                very fast performance*snappy*
                can leave multiple apps opened
                full charge in 1 hour and 20 mins
                *even it says up to 64GB SD, it can actually read and write microSD UHS-II 128gb class

                camera even it's a 13mp vs iphone 6 8mp iphone wins stable + 60fps on 1080p recording
                still in lollipop 5.0 atm *it will be jumping/receiving to marshmallow later on*
                average battery 3000mah for this powerful beast spec? rip battery.
                some apps isn't available for intel processor
                visibility at outdoors especially if it's very bright is bad
                too big for one hand*asian, it okay on some people though*

                accessories are cheap like asus power bank
                their power bank*ASUS ZenPower* 10k mah is only 15$ to 16$ lol
                Funny, I picked this phone up a couple months ago and immediately unlocked the bootloader, rooted and have the custom ROM running marshmallow. I recently switched to CM13 though.

                I do wish the battery was larger.


                • So my mother passed away, and to console myself I bought a Huawei Nexus 6p to replace my ageing but still very much useful Oppo Find 7a. Still running stock ROM but it of course has an unlocked bootloader and root, as all my devices are. It's a solid piece of gear but I'm having problems transferring all my files to it. In particular 9 gigabytes of music. The fact that it uses USB Type C is a bit of a pain since cables and adapters are still rare, though that is likely to get easier as devices like it get more common.

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                  • Brand: Samsung

                    Model: Galaxy S6 (rooted)

                    Carrier: Verizon

                    Rom: Stock TouchWiz
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                    • Mine's now a Samsung Galaxy J7-6.
                      Its battery is a beast (gsmarena says it beats S7, though not S7 Edge - and still beats that one in terms of endurance coz Edge consumes more power). I do run it on power save most of the time, wifi/carrier data is always on, ESET antivirus, whatsapp, instagram and uber always running in the background with numerous phone calls to make and take. Eats about 55-65% charge in an entire day. Currently I'm taking a 1 week break, and without them phone calls I need to charge only once every two days


                      • An Old Samsung Galaxy S3. Still gets the job done!


                        • Jiayu G3. I use it since 2013 I guess. And it hasn't failed me yet. 3000mAh battery still works fine.