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tutorial to how to fix wifi on galaxy s phones

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  • [Android Phone & Tablet] tutorial to how to fix wifi on galaxy s phones

    i personally find information on how to fix the wifi problem and test them out on my phone non of the solutions are permanent but they should work for a couple of days

    non rooted phones


    1.go to settings>wireless and network>Wi-Fi settings find your router (which should be marked disabled) long press it then click forget network

    2.turn off your wifi router completely and turn it back on 5-10 minutes

    3.turn on your wifi and try to connect

    rooted phones can try



    (make sure wifi is turned off or is gray on your drop menu before you start)

    1.get AntTec explorer on market app and allow super user

    3.go to root/data/wifi and delete the file on the wifi folder

    4.turn on wifi (may come up as error but if it happens try turning it on again)

    note: this might not work after a while but if it doesn't work try method:2



    1.get FXR WiFi fix and rescue fix wifi in the application and follow on screen directions

    Note: sometimes this app wont fix it but trying method:1 and then try it

    if you have any questions or comments just reply to this thread
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    Well this idea worked on my android. But some app is failed to connect Wifi internet.

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      When using (FXR wifi fix and rescue).. it says "this action will erase all your remembered profiles." Does this mean its going to delete everything on my phone or?...please answer me ASAP