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Quark CopyDesk 2017 v13.0.1

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  • Quark CopyDesk 2017 v13.0.1

    Quark CopyDesk 2017 v13.0.1

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    Descriptions for Quark CopyDesk 2017 v13.0.1
    Name: Quark CopyDesk 2017
    Version: 13.0.1
    Includes: Keygen (CORE)
    Web Site:
    Are you struggling with an editorial workflow and correction process that includes handwritten
    comments, manual changes, and double or even triple review cycles to ensure that all changes have
    been made? QuarkCopyDesk� can help authors and proofreaders to paste texts directly into the
    final QuarkXPress layout (copyfit). This eliminates the need for redundant work and failure risks,
    leading to a more efficient production process.
    Is your workflow interrupted?
    There are different employees involved in your publishing process, Such as authors, editors,
    proofreaders, designers, and production managers. While some people use word processing tools,
    your designers and production managers use QuarkXPress. If your workflow is to send files via email
    and manually update the files from the word processing in your layouts, then slow down your publishing process.
    Optimize your workflow with QuarkCopyDesk
    You can optimize your publishing process by introducing QuarkCopyDesk into your production
    environment. QuarkCopyDesk is a desktop application that is seamlessly integrated with Quark
    Publishing Platform. With QuarkCopyDesk, authors, editors, proofreaders, and other non-design
    workers can create, edit, and correct their content from the perspective of the page layout designer
    so that everyone can see the final layout.
    With QuarkCopyDesk, the authors can compose texts that fit perfectly into the layout, eliminating the
    need for numerous text and design adjustments. Users of QuarkCopyDesk can view and edit texts
    that they have already inserted into the QuarkXPress layout. Comments and changes are forwarded
    with the QuarkCopyDesk article and are visible to all, which improves the communication of the team
    members. Users of QuarkCopyDesk can also edit images.
    Users of QuarkCopyDesk can check out and check in files from Quark Publishing Platform or the
    respective content management system. The system is a central storage for all content, while
    managing the creative process, file routing, and version control. By incorporating authors, editors,
    and other people with no design knowledge into the layout and production workflow within a single
    system, you can speed up the entire publishing process, avoid errors, and better comply with spend
    QuarkCopyDesk as an independent authoring tool
    QuarkCopyDesk is an essential component of Quark Publishing Platform. However, the software can
    also be used individually as an independent tool for authors, editors and proofreaders in smaller
    production environments that use QuarkXPress for the page ending.
    What�s New in Quark CopyDesk 2017 v13.0.1
    Release notes not available at the time of this post.
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