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QuizMaker Pro 2018.2

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  • QuizMaker Pro 2018.2

    QuizMaker Pro 2018.2

    Name QuizMaker_Pro_2018.2[macOS].rar
    Size 18.09 MB
    Descriptions for QuizMaker Pro 2018.2
    Name: QuizMaker Pro
    Version: 2018.2
    Developer: Class One Software
    Mac Platform: Intel
    OS Version: OS X 10.7 or later
    Web Site:
    Create and manage multiple answer, matching or short answer tests and also notify students of their
    results, print copies for the test, with the help of this powerful examination tool
    QuizMaker Pro is a comprehensive and robust examination tool for macOS that makes it possible for
    you to create and manage multiple choice, matching, and short answer quizzes.
    To put it simply, QuizMaker Pro is a tool designed especially for teachers that not only does it enable
    them to create complex tests, but also to edit previous tests, merge different tests to be graded as
    one, notify the students of their scores, print copies of the test for the whole class and analyze the
    test results by class or by test.
    Makes it simple for you to create and manage complex multiple answer tests
    What�s more, QuizMaker Pro also makes it as easy as possible for you to include movies, sounds,
    and explanations for each question and also to export the tests for formatting in a word processor.
    There�s no doubt that QuizMaker Pro is defintely suited for classroom usage, but that�s not all, as the
    app can also prove itself very useful at home, or in the office, or even as a learning tool.
    Powerful software solution that�s useful at school and can be just as useful at
    At home, while taking advantage of the �Practice Mode�, it can help you test your knowledge on a
    particular subject, while in the office it can prove a very capable employee evaluation and training
    Because QuizMake Pro can be easily considered a full-featured application and while the menus are
    well designed and the overall layout of the interface is quite intuitive, finding your way around the app
    will require a few tries and some patience at first.
    The perfect tool for modern pedagogues who want to manage tests a lot easier
    using a Mac
    To conclude, QuizMake Pro is an efficient and comprehensive tool for creating, sharing and
    managing tests and chances are that if you consider yourself a modern teacher, you will surely like
    what this app has to offer.
    What�s new in QuizMaker Pro 2018.2
    February 28th, 2018
    NEW: Added Countdown Challenge as alternate Practice method
    NEW: Add way to DL sample quizzes from the Class One Software web site
    NEW: Selecting Open from the File Menu in Create/Edit now uses the same dropdown menu
    NEW: Added "find and replace' to Print/Export layout screen
    NEW: Added options for the heading to each question in print/export layout
    NEW: Added notice on Print/Export showing range of questions
    FIXED: 1 reported bug
    FIXED: advancing from a Match Set now works correctly when in Practice Mode
    FIXED: Added HiDPi images to several graphics
    FIXED: Essay Questions now excluded from a 'Misses Take'
    Download Links: