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Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise Edition 5.3

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  • Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise Edition 5.3

    Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise Edition 5.3

    Desription of Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise Edition 5.3
    Remote Desktop Manager: is a small application to control remote connection. With Remote Desktop Manager program, you can add, edit, delete, organize or find your remote connection quickly. The utility supports Microsoft Remote Desktop or Terminal Services, it is very simple to use, yet powerful and effective. Remote Desktop Manager is suitable for any user.
    Remote Connections
    Connect any type of session, such as RDP, SSH, Web, VNC, Telnet, Apple Remote Desktop, TeamViewer, LogMeIn and many more
    Increase productivity and efficiency with all integrated applications
    Connect securely over various types VPN
    password management
    Save and manage all your passwords
    Enter the credentials and automatically log everywhere
    Import or integrate management of existing passwords, such as 1Password and many more
    documents and information
    Protect confidential data, such as numbers of credit cards, serial numbers and bank accounts
    store, share and link documents and contacts
    Create templates to simplify management
    solution TeamTeam
    Share and centralize all your logins and passwords within the organization
    access your data when not connected
    Manage and restrict user access
    View connection logs and keep track of every detail remote access
    Secure the organization through better encryption algorithm
    Generate secure passwords and identify weak passwords
    encryption approved by the US federal government. UU
    Organization user interface and
    intuitive interface for all users
    Easy to deploy and use in a business environment
    No extensive training is required
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