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  • Adobe Audition CC 2018

    Adobe Audition CC 2018

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    Descriptions for Adobe Audition CC 2018 macOS
    Name: Adobe Audition
    Version: CC 2018
    Developer: Adobe Systems Incorporated
    Mac Platform: Intel
    OS Version: OS X 10.10 or later
    Includes: Adobe Zii Patch 3.0.4
    Web Site:
    A powerful audio processing software solution for macOS that sports a collection of modern postproduction
    tools for mixing and adding sound effects
    Adobe Audition is a comprehensive audio processing suite that offers you the possibility to perform
    fundamental tasks when it comes to recording audio content, mixing, restoring sounds, or applying
    various effects.
    Easy to install audio processor featuring an organized workspace and powerful
    editing tools
    Adobe Audition is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, so you must start by installing the Adobe
    Application Manager utility and logging into your Adobe account. Note that the Adobe Application
    Manager handles the download and installation process for all Adobe products, so you must perform
    this action only once.
    Once you launch the Adobe Audition app, you will be able to record or import audio files, select and
    edit track sections, compare different songs within multitrack sessions, adjust the audio level, correct
    the track�s pitch, add fading effects, and so on.
    Features an user friendly workflow for processing and cleaning audio tracks
    Adobe Audition creates a visual representation for the track�s waveform, so you will be able to easily
    identify the modifications created by each tool. Since all the available tools can be accessed via well
    organized panels, finding your way around the app is quite easy.
    Noteworthy is that Adobe Audition comes with a Phase Analysis panel, and that you are able to edit
    multiple tracks at the same time. Nonetheless, the ITU Loudness Radar tool helps you create
    projects that are following the broadcasting standards.
    Effortlessly clean up audio tracks and apply various sound effects
    First off, Adobe Audition can be used to visualize and eliminate background noise that might be
    embedded in your track. The app provides multiple tools and plug-ins that enable you to remove both
    the background noise and the hiss effects.
    Furthermore, Adobe Audition features different audio effects that can be quickly applied to files or
    multitrack sessions. At the same time, the app is also able to generate background noise in order to
    create a more realistic output.
    What�s new in Adobe Audition CC 2018
    April 3rd, 2018
    Improved sequence import from Premiere Pro:
    You can now import a sequence from a Premiere Pro project directly to Audition. These
    sequences which are imported from Premiere Pro, do not require rendering and uses the
    original media saving time spent on rendering. Note that some content or clip-routing
    configurations require rendering. You can select a custom location to save these files. For
    video streaming through Dynamic Link, Premiere Pro must be installed, but does not need to
    be running.
    New track panel:
    Use the new Track panel to show or hide tracks, or groups of tracks. You can create your own
    preferred track groups and save them as presets for personalized multitrack editing
    Consolidated media container:
    Importing a media file imports the audio and video channels within it as a single consolidated
    media container. This container is displayed in the Files panel. Use the drop-down option to
    view all the video and audio channels listed separately.
    New on-boarding video:
    During launching, Audition now welcomes you with a new onboarding video. The new launch
    screen guides beginners through different ways of learning the app, from importing a
    sequence to various possibilities with Audition.
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