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  • HTPC and Media center

    So this goes for all users who have a sh$t load of movies , photos, music, Anime, Ero Anime, Jdrama, etc.
    Do you guys have some sort of system that takes all of your media into one software like windows media center. In my case i use media portal because their themes and plugins are very useful. aside for having a simple to use interface and the way it list my movies with images and description of the movie what made me use media portal is the myanime 2 plug in. what it does it compares edk hashes from you anime and compares it to the one in anidb's database and if it finds a match it will create a listing of that anime with the image and info from anidb. if it doesnt find a match its because the hash does not exist or you used a re encode version of what the sub groups released. if so you would add the anime manually.
    now im trying to make a HTPC but im not sure what alternatives i can use so i was wondering what do you guys use for a media center. i been looking into some alternatives such as boxee which looks promising except that it doesnt have support for anime and it has troubles with subtitles as well. im also looking into enna for linux but im not sure if it will handle anime. there is also xbmc but it doesnt have a well anime support. wishes media portal had linux support for my HTPC.... anyway so if you do have a media center system what software do you use?