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  • Antiplagiarism 1.3.0

    Antiplagiarism 1.3.0 | 22.3 Mb

    Check if your thesis is not a plagiarism! Do you want to avoid the unpleasant disappointment when your thesis will be evaluated by the university and it will turn out that some of the text was plagiarized? Do not make this mistake, verify your thesis and sleep peacefully, knowing that the text is 100% original.

    - The highest efficiency among solutions available on the market
    - It will compare your diploma thesis with a multi-million collection of texts
    - Outclasses competitive solutions in terms of speed
    - Ensures 100% security of your data
    Fast and effective
    The program detects plagiarism with the highest efficiency among available solutions and at the same time works incredibly fast
    The program copes well with both extensive diploma theses as well as short textes like an article or an essay.
    Simplicity and convenience
    The program is very simple and convenient to use. All you have to do is choose the thesis you want to check against plagiarism and then click START.
    Support for PDF format
    Our program is one of the few that supports PDF format, so you will not be forced to convert your thesis to another format.
    Support for format of Word program
    Antiplagiarism supports files with the DOCX extension, which is the format used in Microsoft Word, that is part of the Microsoft Office suite.
    Advanced search
    Fragments of your thesis will be compared with the results of the Google web search engine. Antiplagiarism app will search the websites with cheat sheets, essays, etc.
    By using our software you have guaranteed 100% of security - your texts will never leak to the internet.
    After checking your thesis, the program will generate a certificate of quality that unambiguously informs about the total level of plagiarism in the text.
    The program will generate extensive reports concerning the checked text. Everything in a friendly form - charts and tables.
    Are you a teacher and need to verify essays of a 30-person class? The Antiplagiarism allows you to check multiple documents at the same time.
    Export to CSV
    Program allows you to export results to a convenient CSV format.
    Various language versions
    The Antiplagiarism is entirely in the English and Polish language versions.
    Windows 10 32/64 bit
    Windows 2003
    Windows 8 32/64 bit
    Windows 7 32/64 bit
    Windows Vista 32/64 bit
    Windows XP 32/64 bit


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