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    Non-Hentai Manga With Fan Service/Nudity

    Thread Starter: Requiem3

    Non-Hentai Manga With Fan Service/Nudity with preferably good art. Anyone have an recommendations? I just finished reading all the Gantz chapters I could find(265 I think), and I love the art and women in it. I also liked Berserk for similar reasons, although it had less nudity, but nonetheless, I...

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    Another thing comes

    Thread Starter: Khmaraches

    Hi, I'm Khmaraches, from Moscow, Russia. I'm actually 26, and I'm a game designer, actually working on settling a small indie studio between France (I've finished my studies in Paris) and Minsk, Belarus. Obviously I like video games: in japanese prod mostly tacticals RPGS like Valkyrie...

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    Is HF dying?

    Thread Starter: RyviusRan

    This place seems to have died off since I last frequented it. Did this place go offline for a long period of time? I remember it being busy 5 or more years back. From 2004-2009 this place seemed fairly popular.

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    The "Please Recommend Me An Anime" Thread

    Thread Starter: Tiexandrea

    Youkuso.. :D POST HERE IF YOU WANT TO ASK THE GENERAL HONGFIRE COMMUNITY FOR ANY ANIME RECOMMENDATION OR ADVICE... <<< === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === >>> To make the recommendations more suitable to your tastes, it would be very advisable to include...

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    anyone playing archeage?

    Thread Starter: Haika

    Hi, just wondering if any of you are playing archeage online? It's a pretty fun game, and im wondering if i can add anyone to my friendlist from here. I'm playing on europe- kyprosa The name is: Haikadraigne i played the beta before and i really liked the fact you could own a boat or...

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    3D Waifu love and date tips

    Thread Starter: Veltiel

    I just wanted to create a thread where we can talk about dating tips with real 3D girls, instead of the usual gameplay tips of our 2D waifus. Now my case... I just met this girl on a Visual Kei band fan reunion, I just saw she was a bit withdrawn, at the end I approached her, and we talked about...

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    Archeage, where is the feedback?

    Thread Starter: solarenemy

    So the game just went live today and no feedback or bitch sessions yet? Man HF you are letting me down. Oh well gonna try it myself when I get home.

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    Russia successfully tests nuclear missile, more planned

    Thread Starter: evilkorpse

    Well it seems each day we are getting closer to WWIII Here are three article Article 1 @ Reuters: Article 2 @ Reuters:

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