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    What secrets lie in a members Profile page?

    Thread Starter: zyrexia

    I am curious why people visit members profile, i have only had 1,550 vistors to mine. I normally go on another members profile to leave a message. I am just intrigued to know what some people are looking to find on there or do they click on there by mistake. Please post your thoughts.

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    Ecchi armors

    Thread Starter: akomni

    I'm going to be cropping out some gear to make them more erotic, updating thread from time to time. Western Before After

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    Tattoo replacer

    Thread Starter: alcaster42

    Tattoos can be replaced. Body tattoos, just replace with any dimension canvas and save. Face tattoos, for some reason, it will repeat. And the best way to avoid repeating is to save the face tattoo in a giant size canvas. I haven't figured out why it repeats. This replaces the face tattoo of...

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    Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Fall 2014)

    Thread Starter: sithstormjedi

    ANN/CR/MAL Alternative titles: 四月は君の嘘 April is Your Lie Synopsis Mangahelpers:

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    ISUCA (Winter 2014-2015)

    Thread Starter: sithstormjedi

    ANN/MAL Genres: Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, School, Supernatural, Seinen Studio: ARMS Synopsis: Asano begins work as the housekeeper for the old family of Shimazu, where he meets the ill-mannered, selfish, beautiful Sakaya. She is actually the 37th head of the Shimazu family in...

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    What is your PSN ID? *Hongfire unite!*

    Thread Starter: 2gud4wrds

    Didnt see this type of thread so might as well put one up. I think it will be good if we fellow hongfirians with PS3's add each other to our friends lists. I like the idea of actually having a number of people on my Friends List that has a general love for PS3, gaming, anime and anything else in...

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    The Prince of Darkness

    Vindictus/Mabinogi Heroes Nude Mod

    Thread Starter: The Prince of Darkness

    Welcome to the forum that has all the Vindictus Ero mods you could ever need! Also, go here if you would like to join my Vindictus West server official HongFire guild- http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php?t=235468&page=1 UPDATE: I have created an East Server guild now, for everyone on...

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    What is the hardest game ever concieved

    Thread Starter: Kogato

    Im getting bored playing all these easy games. I want a callenge a real challenge I want a game that is actualy hard without changing the game settings it dosen't matter what system it's on just as long it came out after atari thanks for your help

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