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    ma17 what evidence do we actually have?

    Thread Starter: Ferrin

    so far, the US has called twitter posts solid evidence and gotten complete tunnel vision on them like they prove anything at all, when we know those can be faked. the only things i have been able to verify so far is. since the conflict started, the commercial air traffic has been taking a route...

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    Current Naruto Chapters (spoilers inside)

    Thread Starter: bVx

    Hey all! I didn't see a thread for this yet so I'll just start one. What do you all think of the current Naruto chapters? I just read 260 and the end of it just rubbed me the wrong freakin way. The title to 261 is called "the death of Gaara" WTF! Gaara's gonna die! No!!!!!!!!!!! Is it...

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    Server upgrade completed.

    Thread Starter: HongFire

    Hi all HFers. ^_^ Finally some good news. Server upgrade has been completed successfully. All the forum errors should be fixed now. If you still notice any errors please report them in this thread ...

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    What Anime You Have Watched Recently ? Mk.II

    Thread Starter: yariel

    ... the second one I make ... (because the limit of 4000 post is near now ...) a lot quote and a bit refinement from the old one ... I notice several new function or usage from the old one ... not solid rule but you may use it if you wish ... :XD: "... well, otaku usually keep track what...

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    Daily life of monster girls

    Thread Starter: rcj8993

    i got into Okaydo's manga daily life of monster girls (like when it came out i became interested) its on chapter 19 and i gotta say they are adding in many great characters like Draco the Dragonewt its pretty good if you havent checked it out you can go here to read it...

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    opinion on figurines

    Thread Starter: hypercross

    hey guys, so recently i have taken an interest on figurines. u know, those figures that mimics a character from anime or other. for example, huge fans of Iron Man would probably buy a Tony Stark figurine or something like that. but the thing is, Tony Stark would look awesome on your room,...

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    ShasO VK

    Kamen Rider General Thread

    Thread Starter: ShasO VK

    Original Series: (Black) Newest Series: Transformations:

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    Favourite Anime OST?

    Thread Starter: DarkOblivion

    What's your favourite Anime OST? Right now i'm really enjoying Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo's soundtracks.

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