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    NRA dumps constitutional value and sells out to antigun crowd

    Thread Starter: MuffDiver99

    This is truly a nightmare for 2nd amendment believers. NRA has betrayed the constitution and has now come out against open carriers, calling them scary attention whores with no shred of common sense. ...

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    ma17 what evidence do we actually have?

    Thread Starter: Ferrin

    so far, the US has called twitter posts solid evidence and gotten complete tunnel vision on them like they prove anything at all, when we know those can be faked. the only things i have been able to verify so far is. since the conflict started, the commercial air traffic has been taking a route...

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    Thread Starter: AzureSuisei

    Job interview at Target tomorrow for me. It's my first job interview and honestly I'm a bit nervous, wish me luck! Any tips or anything of that nature for a first timer? I read up and talked to people in my household about the process and what not.

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    Durarara!!x2 [winter 2015]

    Thread Starter: michelous

    The September issue of Animage magazine is reporting the staff and January 2015 premiere of Durarara!!x2, the second Durarara!! television anime series, on Saturday. Most of the staff are veterans of the first television series, except for Tomoyasu Fujise and Shuka. Original creator: Ryohgo...

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    Server upgrade completed.

    Thread Starter: HongFire

    Hi all HFers. ^_^ Finally some good news. Server upgrade has been completed successfully. All the forum errors should be fixed now. If you still notice any errors please report them in this thread ...

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    Futari H OVA (Fall 2014)

    Thread Starter: sithstormjedi

    ANN/CR Staff: Tetsuro Amino (Macross 7, Broken Blade, Shiki) is directing and storyboarding the anime off of scripts by Kazuki Yamanobe (Fafner, Onegai My Melody, Potemayo) at Production Reed. Toshihide Masudate (Strike Witches, Elf Princess Rane) is serving as both chief animation director...

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    The Bragging Thread II - The Sequel

    Thread Starter: TSR

    This thread is to provide a place for all goods-buyers to boast about exhaustive lists of REAL anime/bishoujo games merchandise that they have currently (or are going to have in the very near future). We already have one for KEY, but what about everything else? The bounds covered by the term...

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    Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride (Second Season 2013)

    Thread Starter: danisco

    百花繚乱 サムライブライド Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls 2nd Season Hyakka Ryōran Samurai Bride Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls Dai 2-ki Official Site, AniDB, ANN, MAL The staff for the second series remains the same, except Satoru Nishizono (B Gata H Kei - Yamada’s First Time, Needless, Welcome to the...

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