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    ramoram posted a Visitor Message for enimaroah
    Happy New Year and thanks for the link.

    I heard about education system in Germany is free. (Unsure of the fact) but that is bit sad to hear young adults did not complete their education. What do they do if they leave school early? Working at some Mcdonald?

    Thanks for your concern but I am managing. It was holiday season and living in UK alone is extremely dull and I needed distraction. Originally am from Pakistan and worked for 4 years in construction firm before pursing higher studies.
    I admit last few of my work affected my health but it keeps me occupy. (I have to be careful on that next time). Don't worry, am 28 and I know what are my priorities are.

    I wish you have a wonderful time this year.

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  • enimaroah
    Thanks! Well, we have private schools which are not free, but you can go to the university for nearly free. When you leave the school in Germany you will either try to learn a job (this includes being at school again with specialized topics relevant for the job) or you will try to get a place at a university. If your school grades are not sufficient then indeed you might end in supermarkets filling up shelves or sell döners.
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