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    hi thankk you for create tools about illusion game i went long time to practice blender thing i got fbx custom accessories model now there has tutorial about HS? thank you

  • enimaroah

    please have a look in the Glossary (linked in my signature in every of my posts). If you cant see signatures then switch them on in the User Settings.

    Explore the accessories made by Illusion first, export one of them and import it in Blender. This is useful for a size comparison of your model with that one. Adapt your model's size and position to it, then export your model as FBX.

    As described in the latest tutorial in the modding discussion create your own geometry file. Paste an original accessory Animator into your geometry file. Import your accessory FBX file, and replace the original accessory mesh with your import.
    Then follow the second part of the tutorial in the modding discussion for the linkage into the game.

    Also, take a look at other accessory mods!

    Please post in the modding discussion if you get stuck. Other modders can help as well, and they do! And that allows me to use the time for further development.

    Have fun modding!
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