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  • [Review] Evangelion 2.0: You can (not) advance

    [Review] Evangelion 2.0: You can (not) advance

    In 2009 the second movie of the Rebuild of Evangelion project was released
    in Japan, keeping the idea of a remake of the original series, Hideaki Anno decided to change some things for the new movie version and the result was simply amazing.


    In Evangelion 1.0 we left Shinji and Rei piloting the EVA 01 and 00 fighting against monsters called angels that appears in earth from time to time and may cause the destruction of human life like almost occurs 15 years ago. In 2.0 the fight between Angels and humans is more aggressive, so much that Nerv can't afford the risk of keeping just 2 EVAs.

    This time we see new pilots (Asuka and Mari) fighting against new Angels in battles where the victory will claim more than physical suffering, it's a point of no return... just as Gendou Ikari (commander of Nerv) expects. This is why SEELE starts to distrust Gendou's real intentions and will activate a countermeasures...
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  • [Review] Evangelion 1.0: You are (not) alone

    [Review] Evangelion 1.0: You are (not) alone

    Gainax and Hideaki Anno launched in 2007 Evangelion 1.0: You are (not) alone as the first of the 4 movies that will comprise the Rebuild of Evangelion project, which is basically the remake of one of the most famous and important works in the anime history; Neon Genesis Evangelion.


    Shinji Ikari is a 14 years old boy who arrives to Tokyo after receiving a letter from his father Gendou with just the word “come” written on it. Shinji waits for someone to pick him up when a giant creature starts attacking the city and the army tries to defeat the monster. In the middle of the battle a young woman called Misato comes for the boy and they escape to a secret bunker under Tokyo.

    Misato explains to Shinji that the monster attacking Tokyo is what they call “Angel”, the same creature that 15 years ago caused the 2nd Impact...
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  • Review Super 8

    Review Super 8

    Could you think a moment about the movies of your childhood? No matter how old are you, you’re going to remember the good ones and probably smiling. When you are a kid you watch movies from another point of view, you don’t care about scene details, the rhythm of the storyline or the truly sense of what’s happening. At least that’s what I think that happened when I was young and watched movies like ‘The Goonies’, ‘E.T’, ’The Gremlins’, etc.

    Now J.J Abrams brings us Super 8, a clear tribute to Spielberg’s 80’s movies. I watched it last weekend and I love it. I haven’t enjoyed a movie this much in a long time (sadly). I knew exactly what I was going to watch and it didn’t let me down at all. Even more, I could feel that...
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