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  • Review: MediaMan - Organize With Fun

    Review: MediaMan - Organize With Fun

    As with many here on HongFire, I have a decent anime collection (as well as books, manga, games, and music). Some media I have out on shelves for easy access, other media is on loan with friends and family, and the rest is boxed up in storage until I can get a dedicated gaming room. After much procrastination, I finally felt it time to find a means for organizing my collection digitally.

    I needed an application that was easy to use, supported multiple media types, visually easy to use and customizable. After trying various applications, MediaMan ended up on top; so this is my review of it.

    MediaMan Window
    Launching MediaMan brings up the main interface for viewing your collection, which is split up into different sections. The left pa...
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  • Review Logitech Z305

    Review Logitech Z305

    Logitech Z305

    Saw this speaker on special the other day so I bought it, After I tried it for few days I decided to write a review and share my experience with the community.

    My review is based purely on user experience. So I will try to keep it short and won't throw in too much details. for full tech specs you can check Logitech's official page. I've always think that my laptop's speakers are not loud enough, But the Z305 make my laptop sound much better and solve my laptop's speaker issue. It sound even better than some of my desktop speakers. So I act...
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