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  • [Review] Angel Beats

    [Review] Angel Beats

    Year: 2010
    episodes: 13
    Genre: Drama, Comedy, Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance
    Studio: P.A. Works
    Writer: Jun Maeda
    Director: Seiji Kishi
    Music: Jun Maeda , Anant-Garde Eyes

    "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience"
    – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
    Angel Beats is no ordinary anime. In fact if you delve deeper into its context, subliminal or otherwise, you will find there is plenty to see here that meets the eye. Its your typical drama anime with a mix of comedy and a dash of romance and action, but the twist is that everyone is dead and the entire scenario deals with the afterlife. Yes, the afterlife, a scenario not anyone can make a full vision of. But surprisingly, the afterlife here is nothing we expect it to be; typical high school life. But of course it gets better from here, because if you abide to the laws of this place your soul will eventually find eternal rest. Well here i...
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  • (Review) ToraDora!

    (Review) ToraDora!


    25 Episodes -

    Original run from October 2, 2008 to March 26, 2009

    Genre: Romantic-Comedy

    Disclaimer: This is my first review proper for the general population of HF (Outside my blog). So, any constructive criticism is welcome. I did my best to assure a nice read but I'm sure I've some aspects to improve. Ah, Toradora! This is the kind of anime that sooner or later you will hear about. Especially if you’re into romantic comedies. So, the questions are: is it as good as they say? Or is it as boring and shallow as you are thinking? Well, I’d say it’s not great but not bad either. Keep reading to find out why. Let’s begin with the technical aspects. The art style is a delicious mix of two worlds: Shojo and Shonen, with a clear preference for the former. The vivid colors and high quality animation blow other romantic comedies out of the water. Even the action scene...
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