~ Artificial Academy ~
~ Illusion ~
~ Release Date ~ 2011-06-10 ~
~ Age Rating ~ 18+ ~(M)
~ Genre ~ 3D Eroge ~

Warning: The screen shots contained within spoilers contain strong graphical
content and should not be viewed in a not work safe environment. And well if you are
a minor what are you doing reading an Illusion game review in the first place.

Authors Note: Well this is my first attempt on a game review in this forum for the article section, i never done an eroge tittle before either so any constructive criticism, comments and ect are very welcome.

The newest gem from Illusion, one of the most known 3D eroge makers, with a number of quality titles in their games list. What will this game have to offer us, lets take an in depth look at the game.

~ First Glance ~

Graphics: This game follows the cell shaded anime style similar to some previous Illusion tittles (Home mate, School mate). However the quality is at a very pleasant level, with good character physics.

Music: This isn't the strong point of the game, the tracks aren't bad, but they aren't tracks that you can listen for a long time, they get old very quick, and you will be listening to them a whole lot if you are playing this game. ...