I know many people in HF are fans of Japanese Hentai Game (or at least, know them). Although lots of people like to play them, most of them don't understand Japanese well (some even cannot read the kanas). So, to help you guys improving your Japanese skill while enjoying gal games, I'll give you a quick tutorial in learning Japs via Hentai games.

First, you need to :
  1. Memorize all Hiragana and Katakana (it's like alphabet in English).
  2. Learn basic prepositions (e.g. に、で、と、や) & verb forms.
  3. Learn how to pronounce hiragana and katakana properly. Not so important. But you need to do this, because sometime words are not typed properly in games (e.g. 違う 「ちがう/chigau」 sometimes