Longest title of a game I've ever seen

Some time ago I mentioned this game in my blog as a cool game that I liked but I couldn't understand properly since it's in Japanese so I couldn't enjoy it as much I'd like to. During this time I've played and completed the game and I'm gonna make a review about it because I don't know if it's going to be released out of Japan, but it's a good game that you should know.

The main story of Nora to Toki (let's call it this shorter way) is about a young girl called Nora that is going to live to a forest with a friend called Keke. Nora is an alchemist but the villagers of a near village think that she is Vera, an ancient evil witch that ruled their land time ago using her powers. Nora must prove to the villagers that she is not that witch solving villager's problems, finding items, defeating bosses, etc. It's a funny story with some drama and high moe factor because Nora is adorable.

So damn cute!

The best thing of the game is the gameplay, no doubt.