~ Persona 4 ~
~ Atlus ~
~ Release date ~ 2008 07 10 ~
~ Age Rating ~ 16+/M ~
~ Genre ~ Turn based J-RPG/Visual novel ~
~ System: Play Station 2 ~


The screenshots aren't the best quality and i apologize for that, the game looks a lot more sharp and vivid in reality.

Well to take a brake from eroges and for the upcoming release of the anime, i thought id do a review for persona 4, i probably wont be able to match some of the professional game reviewers out there, but ill give it a shot to make this review entertaining to read.

~ First Glance ~

Graphics: The graphics follow persona 3 style, with the characters being slightly miniaturized, like an anatomically correct chibi style, but it looks very nice. The environments are very detailed and very well drawn, creating an atmosphere where no detail seems to be missing. The dungeons have some what more variability compared to persona 3 and have very specific themes to them.

Music: The music...