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  • [Review] Nora to toki no koubou - Nintendo DS

    [Review] Nora to toki no koubou - Nintendo DS

    Longest title of a game I've ever seen

    Some time ago I mentioned this game in my blog as a cool game that I liked but I couldn't understand properly since it's in Japanese so I couldn't enjoy it as much I'd like to. During this time I've played and completed the game and I'm gonna make a review about it because I don't know if it's going to be released out of Japan, but it's a good game that you should know.

    The main story of Nora to Toki (let's call it this shorter way) is about a young girl called Nora that is going to live to a forest with a friend called Keke. Nora is an alchemist but the villagers of a near village think that she is Vera, an ancient evil witch that ruled their land time ago using her powers. Nora must prove to the villagers that she is not that witch solving villager's problems, finding items, defeating bosses, etc. It's a funny story with some drama and high moe factor because Nora is adorable.

    So damn cute!

    The best thing of the game is the gameplay, no doubt.
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  • [Review] Angel Beats

    [Review] Angel Beats

    Year: 2010
    episodes: 13
    Genre: Drama, Comedy, Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance
    Studio: P.A. Works
    Writer: Jun Maeda
    Director: Seiji Kishi
    Music: Jun Maeda , Anant-Garde Eyes

    "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience"
    – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
    Angel Beats is no ordinary anime. In fact if you delve deeper into its context, subliminal or otherwise, you will find there is plenty to see here that meets the eye. Its your typical drama anime with a mix of comedy and a dash of romance and action, but the twist is that everyone is dead and the entire scenario deals with the afterlife. Yes, the afterlife, a scenario not anyone can make a full vision of. But surprisingly, the afterlife here is nothing we expect it to be; typical high school life. But of course it gets better from here, because if you abide to the laws of this place your soul will eventually find eternal rest. Well here i...
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  • Irisu Syndrome Review

    Irisu Syndrome Review

    This is my first review on a game that may LOOK simple but once you played it you will shat bricks.

    A short story:
    three university students out on a camping trip,Edogawa(Guy in orange hair),Ageha and Uujishima (Uuji). Edogawa tells his friends of a witch that lives in the forest, although the other two don't believe him. Later that day, he does not return after going out to fish. Uujishima and Ageha search the forest to look for him, when Uuji hears something. He goes by himself to examine it, but he does not return, leaving Ageha alone, with possibly a witch preying on her.

    However this not ends here. Which you will FIND it by yourself.
    • Kyouko Irisu The t
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  • [Review] Amagami SS

    [Review] Amagami SS

    Amagami SS "Gentle bite" Original air: July 2, 2010 to December 23, 2010 26 episodes Released by ALC Amagami SS isn't your typical visual novel adaptation. Unlike other adaptations, such as the Key VNs (Kanon, Air, Clannad) or the TYPE-MOON works (Fate, Tsukihime), this follows an omnibus format. For those that don't know what that means, it's basically several different arcs told separately, with each arc reseting after the final episode. This, in turn, gives Amagami an interesting experience. Due to the omnibus format, each arc is treated differently. The personalities of characters, storytelling, and even pacing are different; which makes it feel as if you're w
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  • [Review] Saikano (She, The Ultimate Weapon)

    [Review] Saikano (She, The Ultimate Weapon)

    (She, The Ultimate Weapon)
    a.k.a. The Last Love Song On This Little Planet

    13 Episodes (Feels like 26, though)

    Animated by Studio Gonzo

    Originally aired from July 2, 2002 to September 24, 2002

    Shuji and Chise in one of those rare moments when they aren't crying
    The short version dictates: Saikano sucks. But I know you’re here for the long review, so I put some effort to prove why this series sinks so hard in the deep ocean that’s the anime world. Where to begin? Let’s talk about the plot…or the lack of it. This anime starts in a generic seaside Japanese city in what seems like modern times (It will move later to other tasteless locations). Meet boring guy Shuji, who will become Chise’s boyfriend for the rest of the series. Chise is…Shuji’s girlfiend and, most importantly, for unknown reasons, she is the Ultimate Weapon and Japan’s last chance to survive against the “Enemy”, an unknown army with unknown weapons doing unknown thingies, besides bombardin...
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  • Review Super 8

    Review Super 8

    Could you think a moment about the movies of your childhood? No matter how old are you, you’re going to remember the good ones and probably smiling. When you are a kid you watch movies from another point of view, you don’t care about scene details, the rhythm of the storyline or the truly sense of what’s happening. At least that’s what I think that happened when I was young and watched movies like ‘The Goonies’, ‘E.T’, ’The Gremlins’, etc.

    Now J.J Abrams brings us Super 8, a clear tribute to Spielberg’s 80’s movies. I watched it last weekend and I love it. I haven’t enjoyed a movie this much in a long time (sadly). I knew exactly what I was going to watch and it didn’t let me down at all. Even more, I could feel that...
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  • Review Logitech Z305

    Review Logitech Z305

    Logitech Z305

    Saw this speaker on special the other day so I bought it, After I tried it for few days I decided to write a review and share my experience with the community.

    My review is based purely on user experience. So I will try to keep it short and won't throw in too much details. for full tech specs you can check Logitech's official page. I've always think that my laptop's speakers are not loud enough, But the Z305 make my laptop sound much better and solve my laptop's speaker issue. It sound even better than some of my desktop speakers. So I act...
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  • (Review) ToraDora!

    (Review) ToraDora!


    25 Episodes -

    Original run from October 2, 2008 to March 26, 2009

    Genre: Romantic-Comedy

    Disclaimer: This is my first review proper for the general population of HF (Outside my blog). So, any constructive criticism is welcome. I did my best to assure a nice read but I'm sure I've some aspects to improve. Ah, Toradora! This is the kind of anime that sooner or later you will hear about. Especially if you’re into romantic comedies. So, the questions are: is it as good as they say? Or is it as boring and shallow as you are thinking? Well, I’d say it’s not great but not bad either. Keep reading to find out why. Let’s begin with the technical aspects. The art style is a delicious mix of two worlds: Shojo and Shonen, with a clear preference for the former. The vivid colors and high quality animation blow other romantic comedies out of the water. Even the action scene...
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  • [Review] @Homemate

    [Review] @Homemate

    ~ @HomeMate ~
    ~ Illusion ~
    ~ Release Date: 2009-05-29 ~
    ~ Age Rating: 18+(M) ~
    ~ Genre: 3D Eroge ~

    Warning: The screen shots contained within spoilers contain strong
    graphical content and should not be viewed in a not work safe
    environment. And well if you are a minor well... go away.

    Authors Note: So this is more of an experimental review, while this is the fith review on the site, ill try to follow some of the advice from the comments, also a couple things i wanted to adjust my self, including layout and graphics to make it more pleasant to the eye and less than a wall of text. So any comments welcome.

    Also bare with me if i missed anything, this game has a massive amount of stuff in it, compared to something like SB3, so if i did miss something please tell me.Apart from that, enjoy the read. ^^

    • Graphics: Considering that the game was released in 2009, they could be better, while the cell shaded style masks up some of the lacks, the models in SB3 released way earlier were smoother.
    • Music: The music is nice and pleasant, nothing really extraordinary, but fits the environments pretty well.
    • Sound: Typical
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  • [Review] Sexy Beach 3

    [Review] Sexy Beach 3

    ~ Sexy Beach 3 ~
    ~ Illusion ~
    ~ Release Date ~ 2006-09-29 ~
    ~ Age Rating ~ 18+(M) ~
    ~ Genre ~ 3D Eroge ~

    Warning: The screen shots contained within spoilers contain strong
    graphical content and should not be viewed in a not work safe
    environment. And well if you are a minor well... go away.

    Authors note: This was initially supposed to be a Sexy Beach Zero review, but after downloading it, i was shocked by how unlikable the characters are, this is my personal opinion of course, and if someone does like them, don't take offence. I just was not willing to spend my time playing it in detail. So instead i picked this game, its predecessor. For this review, and any other i do, if i do miss something out, feel free to point it out, and i will update the reviews when i get the chance. I want them to be as complete as possible. An extra note that this review is done with the SB3 expansion, the original has only 5 characters. And the download i had, came with the cosplay mod already inbuilt in it, if the wings are part of that, please tell me and i will note it specifically, other from that all the items used in the screens are in game as is....
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  • [Review] Persona 4

    [Review] Persona 4

    ~ Persona 4 ~
    ~ Atlus ~
    ~ Release date ~ 2008 07 10 ~
    ~ Age Rating ~ 16+/M ~
    ~ Genre ~ Turn based J-RPG/Visual novel ~
    ~ System: Play Station 2 ~


    The screenshots aren't the best quality and i apologize for that, the game looks a lot more sharp and vivid in reality.

    Well to take a brake from eroges and for the upcoming release of the anime, i thought id do a review for persona 4, i probably wont be able to match some of the professional game reviewers out there, but ill give it a shot to make this review entertaining to read.

    ~ First Glance ~

    Graphics: The graphics follow persona 3 style, with the characters being slightly miniaturized, like an anatomically correct chibi style, but it looks very nice. The environments are very detailed and very well drawn, creating an atmosphere where no detail seems to be missing. The dungeons have some what more variability compared to persona 3 and have very specific themes to them.

    Music: The music...
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  • ~Updated~ [Review] Custom Maid 3D

    ~Updated~ [Review] Custom Maid 3D

    ~ Custom Maid 3D ~
    ~ KISS ~
    ~ Release Date ~ 2011-01-28 ~
    ~ Age Rating ~ 18+(M) ~
    ~ Genre ~ 3D Eroge ~

    Warning: The screen shots contained within spoilers contain strong
    graphical content and should not be viewed in a not work safe
    environment. And well if you are a minor well... go away.

    A quite popular game from KISS featuring your own maid in a host club, let's take a look what the game has to offer us.

    Authors note: Updated the review to add things i missed out:

    - Maid conversation details.
    - Note about additional maids.
    - H scene animation advancement.
    - Personalities.
    - Info on the visual pack.
    Personal thanks to: SantiagoScaps, dzt666, Inquisitor, Redempteur, DerKommisar

    Also please note that i am aware of custom mods to all the games i review, however i review the game as is (except for translations and uncensor mods (since censors annoy me), it would be unfair for me to concentrate on mods since mods do not come with the original game pack, and in the end mods preferences are different for everyone.

    ~ First Glance ~

    Graphics: The style is done in a cell shaded anime style, however it seems to be lacking a bit, even with the graphics high up, the game doesn't look very...
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  • Artificial Academy in depth review

    Artificial Academy in depth review

    ~ Artificial Academy ~
    ~ Illusion ~
    ~ Release Date ~ 2011-06-10 ~
    ~ Age Rating ~ 18+ ~(M)
    ~ Genre ~ 3D Eroge ~

    Warning: The screen shots contained within spoilers contain strong graphical
    content and should not be viewed in a not work safe environment. And well if you are
    a minor what are you doing reading an Illusion game review in the first place.

    Authors Note: Well this is my first attempt on a game review in this forum for the article section, i never done an eroge tittle before either so any constructive criticism, comments and ect are very welcome.

    The newest gem from Illusion, one of the most known 3D eroge makers, with a number of quality titles in their games list. What will this game have to offer us, lets take an in depth look at the game.

    ~ First Glance ~

    Graphics: This game follows the cell shaded anime style similar to some previous Illusion tittles (Home mate, School mate). However the quality is at a very pleasant level, with good character physics.

    Music: This isn't the strong point of the game, the tracks aren't bad, but they aren't tracks that you can listen for a long time, they get old very quick, and you will be listening to them a whole lot if you are playing this game. ...
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