(She, The Ultimate Weapon)
a.k.a. The Last Love Song On This Little Planet

13 Episodes (Feels like 26, though)

Animated by Studio Gonzo

Originally aired from July 2, 2002 to September 24, 2002

Shuji and Chise in one of those rare moments when they aren't crying
The short version dictates: Saikano sucks. But I know you’re here for the long review, so I put some effort to prove why this series sinks so hard in the deep ocean that’s the anime world. Where to begin? Let’s talk about the plot…or the lack of it. This anime starts in a generic seaside Japanese city in what seems like modern times (It will move later to other tasteless locations). Meet boring guy Shuji, who will become Chise’s boyfriend for the rest of the series. Chise is…Shuji’s girlfiend and, most importantly, for unknown reasons, she is the Ultimate Weapon and Japan’s last chance to survive against the “Enemy”, an unknown army with unknown weapons doing unknown thingies, besides bombardin...