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  • kubakechills
    started a topic stuck on lolimaho

    stuck on lolimaho

    hey guys, im still new to HF, a friend told me about this site if I wanna ask about H games.
    Anyway, I just recently started playing lolimaho, but im stuck at the first part
    cant seem to find the english version of it anywhere, so if anyone have a walkthrough of the game will be...
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  • Wilhem
    started a topic New Baseson's game : 戦国†恋姫

    New Baseson's game : 戦国†恋姫

    Just as what is in the title, seems like Baseson is making a new game called Sengoku†Koihime (or maybe "Sengoku Otome" since the page URL has "sgo" in it). It seems they aren't sure of the name but I could be mistaken. It would seems that the Koihime†Musou games had so much success...
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  • Raelly
    started a topic H games

    H games

    I'm looking for h-games(erotic, sex whatever), but have a feeling that "Illusion" monopolizing this "genre". So if you know any Proper game, I would appreciate if you post it here
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  • DarkDragonFox
    started a topic Japanese 3D Anthro Fighter?

    Japanese 3D Anthro Fighter?

    Okay, so I am trying to help out a friend locate a PC Anthro Fighter game. He says that it was a beta he lost and it had the english word "Monster" attached to it. I know that is vague but anyone heard or seen something similar to that? I am going to look around myself, I can often times find...
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  • Damondred
    started a topic Old Hentai Game

    Old Hentai Game

    Hello All,
    I've been trying to find an old 3d game that i believe was more of a long video with some choices. The animation was very realistic and it was about a guy who follows a girl off the train and rapes her in a construction site or something like that. I believe it was a sequel as well....
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  • amyiceeyes
    started a topic H games for girls?

    H games for girls?

    Was wondering if you knew any erogames for girls, in the strict meaning:
    Playable character = female. Interactable characters = male.

    I don't want a 2d otome game, like Tokimeki memorial.
    Want something, if posible, in 3D, like Illusion's games.
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  • Maids - Perfect v1.0a (RPGMaker VXACE game) [Complete - March 23rd, 2014]

    Maids - Perfect v1.0a

    Hi everyone,
    I've been working on a h-game called Maids Perfect, and finally decided to post it here, though it's still a work in progress.

    This is my first time using rpgmaker to make an h-game, at the moment, the gameplay...
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  • siddharth93
    started a topic Tell the name of this eroge?

    Tell the name of this eroge?

    I am new to the forums, so please forgive me for any mistake I happen to make.

    Please tell me the name of this eroge.(I can't read japanese).

    (ALL the links point to the same image)
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  • Guitoh
    started a topic Help installing LOVE×EVOLUTION

    Help installing LOVE×EVOLUTION

    Hello! Long time looker, first time poster here!

    I downloaded the LOVE×EVOLUTION game recently, I unzipped it and mounted it without a problem, but when I ran the setup file, everything went downhill.

    I've followed every guide even remotely related to this, I've downloaded...
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  • xela
    started a topic Whore Master

    Whore Master

    I believe that this game deserves a proper thread with all the correct links and info being available in the first post of the thread so I am starting a new one.


    This is a simple turn-based hentai game (That reminds me of simbrothel a bit) without any...
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  • MorriganDissaproves
    started a topic SexFriend Game

    SexFriend Game

    i'm currently trying to install the game sexfriend with a mounted virtual disc. And i cant seem toinstall it, being that the instructions are in japanese. Normally i just try everything till i get it, but i cant seem to make it happen. ALSO, is the game itself in japanese too?

    Can anyone...
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  • The Seventh Sanctum Character Creation Game (Creative game using any character maker)

    Sorry if this is the wrong place. I really don't know where to put this... -_-''

    There's something I like to do with 3d custom girl, and that is go to, generate a character description, and try and recreate it in 3D Custom Girl. Of course, for this "game", you...
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  • Phantasy Star Online 2 - JP live, North American release announced!

    Because I am obliged to make one for sure.

    Phantasy Star Online 2 is an persistent, online, action, role playing game which takes the player through an epic story of heroes that are part of a group called the Arks that travel through space...
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  • pavapizza
    started a topic Best Hentai RPG game

    Best Hentai RPG game

    i'm currently looking for a good hentai RPG like rance or utawarerumono, but spesifically i'm looking for 1 with english translation

    any suggestions??
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  • ช่วยผมหน่อยครับ เกม PrismRhythm

    【攻略】 セーブデータあり→『PrismRhythm -プリズムリズム-』セーブデータ
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