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  • Facts about Japanese Hentai Games that you must know!

    Facts about Japanese Hentai Games that you must know!

    Ok, in my life in Hongfire, I've noticed the same repeated questions, over and over again, until I got tired of it

    I can say to you that you can find these questions below in almost every torrent/download thread for hentai games :

    1. Is there english patch/version?
    2. Is there ways to remove the censor?
    3. Help! My computer cannot display the letters / the game won't start!
    4. How to open the file?

    I'm sick of those questions.

    To put an end to them once and for all, let me answer those questions.

    1. Is there english patch/version?

    NO, except interface translation (if applicable).
    All those hentai games that you have been enjoying are supposed to be only available inside Japan. And so there is no
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  • [ILLUSION] Artificial Academy - Character upload & character discussion

    In this thread we can discuss characters we are making, boast about our class, compare traits, OC's and "re-created" existing characters (from anime for example). Generally, try to keep it character-oriented and have fun.

    Game info
    • Game: Artificial Academy
    • Company:
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  • alphasickle
    started a topic Gekka Bijin GAME

    Gekka Bijin GAME

    I have been looking very hard for this game from years and years ago from Speed for quite a while but to no avail...(along with another game called Hatsujouki from Vision).

    Would really like to get my hands on those two games, and would really appreciate any help on where i could find...
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  • MagicWizard
    started a topic [HelP] You know what game is this?

    [HelP] You know what game is this?

    I apologize in advance if I'm wrong to post ...
    You know that game is and what it's called?
    and if there is any release in "warehouse"

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  • poonani007
    started a topic Suggest me A hentai game!!

    Suggest me A hentai game!!

    I've never actually played a hentai game, i watched alot of hentai though. And i want to play something intresting something that is not like those crappy "sim" type of games where all you do is click buttons and pick choices, i want something that has a "game' feeling to it. i donno...
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  • Ss4Goten
    started a topic RPG Maker Hentai Games

    RPG Maker Hentai Games

    Hello fellow perverts and RPG Maker game lovers!

    I'm starting this thread with the intention of Making an assorted list of RPG Maker H-Games which contain any kind of Hentai.

    I didn't play many yet, so I'm hoping, that you're contributing to this list.
    Just post
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  • Makumba64
    started a topic Erotical Night 1.5.2 any mods?

    Erotical Night 1.5.2 any mods?

    Hmm... I was thinking if are there some mods for the game Erotical Night
    I ended up this game 4 times and got all secret itens and bosses (unlocked all game) , so... I got bored xD
    plz,If someone know some mod, or maybe a good game similar like this, I'll be grateful...
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  • Brightwel
    started a topic Natural Another One

    Natural Another One

    Natural Another One and it's sequel are hentai games that, quite frankly, I really want to play. Finding the game was difficult enough, as far as I know this site is the only place to find a copy but this is not the main problem, the problem is getting the game to display correctly. I don't know whether...
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  • What Illusion games could this computer play?

    Well I'm not to sure to put this. I am kinda new here so if this has to be moved or deleted that is fine.

    My computer is somewhat old, it's a dell studio 540 and is only moderately good for gaming. My last computer was able to play Hako and Ag3, but this computer cannot play AG3. I am...
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  • Kangoku Senkan the series : The ?usetion remains..

    At this moment, Teruaki Murakami and the staff at Pixy special begin the first stages of crafting the final episode of KS. We are left with quite a few question at the end of the third episode. Those who have played the game and understand the story may be scratching your head at why things were done....
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  • ineedalthena
    started a topic Your fantasy hentai game

    Your fantasy hentai game

    Make up a hentai game you wish were real.

    For me, I wish there was a yaoi version of 3d custom girl, where you make a boy instead. That would be effing amazing.

    Also, a yaoi raising sim with more depth than that one I forgot the name of...

    Or some kind of...
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  • Need translators for Hentai game (Neko Kawaigari)

    Project link:

    So far, the creator of the patch has only gotten to translating the intro. Maybe you can help him translate the rest of the game to make a complete English patch.

    What's been translated so far:

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  • Artificial Girl 3: girls head part messed with multicolours?

    The girls that i make all any part that is edited seem to come up weird??, with 2 pairs of eyes one under the other and is just solid black, and the front hair is multicoloured, red around neck area and or transparent grey?? The default ones don't seem to have that problem... is there any way to fix...
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  • [Ask] Walkthrough of "Seiken No Inganock ~ What a beautiful people"

    I've just installed this game recently and played it for a while. I found this game was awesome, interesting storyline and nice graphic and character style

    however, recently I'm getting stuck in this game. I've got bad and ending for a few time, and it's makes me frustrated...
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  • Blade Engine - excellent tool for making H-Games

    While playing h-games some of you probably think, how it could be to create your own game. Some of you have similair feeling while browsing CG games galleries - you are looking and thinking "Damn, I could make such a great game with these pics. Some of you would like co see continuations of your...
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