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Thread: [INSTALL GUIDE][JPN][ENG patch][PC] (Clannad + Voice Patch) or (Clannad Full Voice)

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    Smile022 [INSTALL GUIDE][JPN][ENG patch][PC] (Clannad + Voice Patch) or (Clannad Full Voice)

    First, I would like to say thanks to Visual's Art, Key to release this wonderful game, then many thanks to people who worked on the voice patch, English translation, torrent seeders for both of Clannad (2004 edition), of the voice patch (for he 2004 edition), and of Clannad Full Voice (2008 edition), and HongFire, for having all information about this game (torrent, resolved problem...)

    So if you are interested in Clannad the Visual Novel, you have choice between Clannad (2004) and Clannad Full Voice (2008), to play in English we must use these files provided from several previous post on HongFire (use Seach function for it, it helps!^^)
    What is the difference between these 2 versions? What's best in Clannad FV?
    ---> Clannaf FV has bigger screen resolution, works with VISTA sp1(but personally, both version works with my VISTA Home Premium^^), additional CG, and it's an Official voiced version (the voice patch for original Clannad in 2004 seems to be a ripped version from the PS2 version, so, a fanmade, and it works perfectly, too)

    Quote Originally Posted by other
    Apparently, the new official Full Voice PC version of CLANNAD will sport the following features:

    * Full Voice except Tomoya (everyone will be reprising their role from the TV anime)
    * Resolution: 800×600 (up from the original 640×480 but not as high as the XBox 360 version which sports 1280×720)
    * Additional Event CG’s
    * Official Windows Vista support
    * Price: 6800円

    The fact that the TV anime seiyuu will do the voices for the remake isn’t a surprise since the PS2 version seiyuu are the same. They’ll probably just use the old voice overs and possibly record some new ones if there is new dialog. I don’t see why the PC version is not going to have 1280×720 support though since most people who will buy it have a PC and not an XBox 360. I’m intrigued by the new CG’s though. The sample picture looks more like fan art than official artwork but I kind of like it not that there was anything wrong with the original. I’ll have to see more samples to make my final judgment. Until then, I’ll just play the unofficial CLANNAD translation.

    This entry was posted on Tuesday, January 15th, 2008 at 10:12 pm and is filed under KEY, Visual Novel. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.
    I've spent 1 week to search information to make the game works (both version)
    I planned to give a little guide for people want to play this great game:


    I/ Download the game
    A/ Clannad 2004 edition + Voice Patch
    B/ Clannad Full Voice (2008 edition)

    II/ Install the game and follow instruction
    III/ Install English translated patch
    IV/ Additional Stuffs
    1) The SEEN.txt file that seems work for both version (original and FV)
    2) Menu translation
    3) Alternative torrent link for Clannad Full Voice



    I/ Download the game

    A/ Clannad 2004 edition + Voice Patch

    Quote Originally Posted by kenshinchong View Post
    -+ HF-KEY presents +-

    Official Clannad website:
    Developer's website:

    From the creators of Kanon and AIR comes Clannad, another heart warming visual novel. The game was released in 1st quarter 2004.

    Language: Japanese

    Important installation notes:

    In the torrent is a compressed .rar file containing the DVD in .cdi format. You will need WinRAR to extract the files and then use an Image mounting software like Daemon tools to play.

    If the game does not install or run, please change your 'Language for non-Unicode programmes' to Japanese, then reinstall and run again.

    Downloading notes:

    Total swarm speed at 1st day of upload: 800 ~ 900 KB/s
    Total swarm speed after 2 1/2 days of upload: 200 ~ 300 KB/s

    Seeder will seed for 3 days and stop for half a day, in this cycle until less then 8 peers.

    Torrent size is 1.34 GB. Extracted size is 2.21 GB. Make sure to have ~3.5 Gb when downloading. Installation will also take up an additional 2 ~ 3 GB.

    NOTE: Please read the posts to find out more about the nature of the game and any questions you may want to ask.
    NOTE: (4th June) Seeder is not seeding this game file anymore. Its been 3 months since I released this torrent (have deleted it due to lack of requests at that time) and I am now only seeding the torrent below.


    4th June
    Now with voice patch!

    Size of voice patch = 1.06GB

    For those without the PS2 version and the proper tools, I have created a simplified voice patch with the help of tools from people at Haeleth (for the RLDev) and some mystery guy who created the website (

    Please read the 'README!' in the torrent. Very important in helping you get the patch to work.

    I tested the patch on a fresh install of Clannad and there seems to be no problems. Remember to backup your savefiles as they may not be compatible. PLease also check that your computer is set to Japanese locale.


    The game is japanese, w/o voice
    The voice patch adds voice to the game
    The english patch is a translation to english

    All the patches are safe to use, if you follow the instructions.
    Don't forget to set the language for non-unicode programs to japanese.
    (Start->Control Panel->Regional and Language Options->Advanced tab)
    You have to, I repeat, have to set it to japanese or it won't work.
    This post is very clear that everybody can do as it said.

    B/ Clannad Full Voice (2008 edition)
    For the torrent (I cannot upload the torrent, there is an error on HongFire)

    *NOTE* There is 2 ISO files in this torrent, named Clannad FV and the other is "part2" but personally I don't know why but I only used the first one and the game already work well with complete installing... then I tried to mount the second ISO (said "part 2") into a virtual drive to play the game and lol, it works... (I haven't tried to only mount the first one while playing... but you can try...)

    II/ Install the game and follow instruction it the "quoting post" and README file that comes with the torrent.

    Many people have problem after installing by following correctly he SETUP file, like:
    # REALLIVE ERROR (message in japanese) said that it needs the original disc in order to play, so we need REALLIVE cr@ck, that I'll mention later in this post.
    # The game start, the music plays, but the game stuck in that blank screen within the music... cannot go further? --> Use Applocale (but it seems that doesn't work well with Vista) (Personally I change my system local to Japanese and there is no problem)

    III/ Install English translated patch

    It seems that the translation patch made by Baka Tsuki are completed at 99,99% but there is no official version yet... )
    So just have to do as Kenshinchong said in the post (quoting up!)
    Usually we just need to replace the SEEN.txt file in Clannad directory to make Clannad (2004) (w/ or without voice patch) works.
    For the FV version (2008), we need to do like that:

    Quote Originally Posted by hasteroth View Post
    I can't figure out how to work it. I know how to use SVN but which parts do I take? And if I'm just supposed to get the stuff from the Files tab, I can't figure out what to do with the rlBabel file and the map file. Please help.

    For some reason the full voice version runs perfectly (so far) if you use the r28 Seen; the rlBabel, GAMEEXE and the from the SEEN_FV_snapshot_20081220.rar, and the Reallive that came with the game (not the one that comes with RealLiveFiles.rar ). These are from the FILES PAGE. I'm going to test it with the Translated CGs as well.

    It works with the CGs.

    Though it doesn't seem to work with Applocale with Applocale like this, the game still runs without Applocale but it might cause problems later if you don't switch your locale to Japanese I have not encountered any thusfar.
    This solution only works for the Full Voice version.
    And that's also my case, I do like that and the game runs smoothly^^


    Quote Originally Posted by r3f3r3e View Post
    ic... so i guess i just typed down the procedures just in case any1 wants to know about it.

    1) Install Clannad Full Voice

    2) Extract SEEN_FV_snapshot_20081220.rar: FullVoice version, r17 to the clannad folder ( not sure extract to where havent install it yet LOL!!)

    3) Replace the old SEEN file with SEENr28_FV.TXT: FullVoice version SEEN update, r28

    4) (Optional) Extract VS2005_CPP_Runtime.rar if game doesnt work. (not sure extract to where)

    5) Install Clannad Full Voice Menu and Graphics Translations v1[1].5 for the translation of Menu.

    Erm.. Need to ask again. If game doesnt work, i have to extract out the VS2005_CPP_Runtime.rar but i need to extract the file to where?

    Also, do we still need to install (5) as i read a few pages ago for the translation of menu?
    Uhm, and I'll ask the same question : is there a translation for the option menu or the "Graphics Translation" mentioned?

    ************************************************ED IT************************************************ ***

    IV/ Additional Stuffs

    1) The SEEN.txt file that seems work for both version (original and FV)
    Thanks to WrathOfDragons and people who worked on it

    Quote Originally Posted by WrathOfDragons View Post
    If youre talking about the Story translation you can find the translated story file here
    2) Menu translation.
    Thanks to Eversynth and people who worked on this

    Quote Originally Posted by Eversynth View Post
    Hi all.
    I guess there are more players here in this forum, so this should be of interest.

    I edited Clannad graphics, and now we have:

    Translated Menus
    Translated Misae's route graphics

    Here are some screens:

    Main menu

    Automode menu

    Settings menu

    Various confirmation dialog boxes

    Load/Save menu and help

    The patch is for the Full Voice version, and you should have ALL the game installed on the hard disk (full install).

    You can download the patch here:



    A README file is included with instructions on how to install.

    For the original posts regarding this patch, take a look on animesuki forums.

    Oh and by the way the menu translation wont work if it isnt the voiced version of the game[/QUOTE]

    3) Alternative torrent link for Clannad Full Voice (it seems to be the same as mine)

    Quote Originally Posted by WrathOfDragons View Post

    Hope you enjoy this little guide.
    Thanks people for gathering all these information.

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    A little bugfix about RealLive that you may encounter:

    Quote Originally Posted by r3f3r3e View Post
    any1 can help? i finally install clannad full voice but i got this error. it doesnt matter whether i patched or not, this error will still be there.

    i wonder whether isit i patched wrongly or something.


    Originally Posted by hasteroth

    For some reason the full voice version runs perfectly (so far) if you use the r28 Seen; the rlBabel, GAMEEXE and the from the SEEN_FV_snapshot_20081220.rar, and the Reallive that came with the game (not the one that comes with RealLiveFiles.rar ). These are from the FILES PAGE. I'm going to test it with the Translated CGs as well.

    I have solved the problem of entering into Realive. Install the above patches other than Realive. THEN U NEED TO INSTALL REALLIVE using the following link below.

    For more information please refer to the below link for another topic on Clannad full voice game.

  4. Wow that's quite a guide So basically if we do all that we should have a fully translated voiced version of Clannad right?

    Download and trying now :X If it works many many thanks

    "Flight is freedom in its purest form..."

  5. For those who downloaded from this link : and it still doesn't work (like me)

    try this, its another reallive that i found which worked for me. Hope it helped.

  6. Sorry, I hate to be a bother, but I've had this problem for a while now.

    It's already mentioned in your guide, but when I start the game it works fine, however the menu options don't load properly, when I click on an option in the menu, the game basically freezes (though the music still plays) and I get an hourglass and basically I have to force quit the game. I'm not using vista, I'm using XP.

    I've already changed my unicode and I've tried applocale. Anyone care to help me out? I've been dying to get this working for some time now
    Last edited by Okysho; 04-01-2009 at 06:52 PM.

  7. how do you guys get it to work so flawlessly, three days been trying to do this. and it requires a freaking CD .... a freaking, CD. what do i do? ... how do i mount this shit? someone please help. ;[

  8. Ok i thank you for this guide but i'm having alot of troubles installing this.

    After i install the file how do i open the game, is there supposed to be an icon on my desktop or something?

    You said about the you need a crack for the game were do i get it?

    Also where should i install the file? (REALLY i know this is stupid but this is really my first time doing this)

    Also you guys must really be experts to get this on your first try because i've been three days on this and no progress.

    BTW i'm using Windows Vista Home Premium

    Thank You for your help


  9. Well I followed the guide step by step. Changed region to Japanese, installed Full Voice, extracted the SEEN snapshot 20081220, installed applocale, used the REALLIVE from the second post, and installed the menu translation. However when I start the game, I get this pop up and it closes on me. If I push OK it'll just keep popping up.

    Edit ----

    Ok never mind, I needed to mount the FullVoice.rar Thanks for this great guide and game ^__^
    Last edited by newbie461; 04-13-2009 at 09:23 PM.

  10. huh?

    hi i need help i've got basically the whole thing working except the voices
    when i use the SEEN.txt that translates the text, i can't hear the voices (i have the full voice version not the patched) and i can't use the menus it just freezes
    if i use a different SEEN.txt the voice comes back but the text says

    . Unable to format text"
    help please

    fixed it with this
    Last edited by azzawizard; 04-22-2009 at 07:43 AM.

  11. azzawizard the link you posted lead to a useless Microsoft search page. It took a little time tracking down the right file when i was having the same problem but if i remember rightly what was needed was the "Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package" found here (and i think there is a copy in the assembla files. Link to that in first post somewhere)

    Installing that fixed my freezing problem. Just to be sure i will post the SEEN file that i have working. No idea which it is though.

    i do have one problem though. When i play a prank on Fuko and go up a level a blank message box is displayed... you know what, here's a self explanatory pic

    is that really what is meant to happen or did the anime just add more stuff in.

    Also: great guide. thanks

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