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Thread: Sexy Beach 3 How To Install Mods?

  1. Sexy Beach 3 How To Install Mods?

    hello, i got the full english version fo sexy beach 3, well everthing was done for me, i.e uncensor english scripts etc.
    But now i want to put mods in it, like some new clothes?? how do i add new clothes? and them mods i see. like different body shapes etc? all i get is some random files when i unzip the file i downloaded.

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  3. Either use this program:
    Or follow the instructions in the read files if it doesnt apply.
    Mostly you have to un- and repack the pp files with this tool:
    And check the mod release thread - you should there find any needed links:

  4. I joined this site just to say you saved my ass man thanks.

  5. Hello, I would like to know how to put the girls' breasts in level 4 and 5 (greater than level 3) I use Illusion Wizard and latest mods thrown down, but the mods are not compatible despite successfully installed do not give results these programs and would like to know how to install mods files with the name SBZ grateful.

  6. Please someone help me on how to use SB3_wizzard.... i can't figure out how to install mods with it.

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    This is the main illusion link threads HERE

    Within that thread is the links to various Illusion games including SB3! Within the existing SB3 threads are many other links to FAQ's and modding guides/threads! If after browsing the FAQ/threads you still don't have the answer may I recommend asking in the actual proper SB3 mod thread! Instead of committing necro of nearly 4 year old spam thread!


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