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Thread: Purchasing from Japanese digiket, dlsite, and toranoana

  1. Question Purchasing from Japanese digiket, dlsite, and toranoana

    I live in the US and am trying to purcahse downloadable items from these sites:

    From what I understand, they will not allow non-Japanese credit cards.

    Then somebody told me about this Japanese sorta pre-paid card called webmoney (different from the one from western union)

    I found I could purchase them from here:

    However, I still have a lot of problems with this:

    1. Do all three of these sites accept these webmoney cards?

    2. I heard that dlsite dosen't let you purcahse certain items with webmoney for some reason. Is this true? And if so, is there any way to know which ones do not?

    3. If webmoney won't work, does anybody know of a better way?

    4. I can't read Japanese, is there any guide anywhere that tells me how to signup for these sites and purchase on them?

    5. Any other advice?

    There are some items on the Japanese DLSITE that aren't avaliable in the US Dlsite, on top of that, some of the English DLSITE items are copy protected while they ones from the Japanese version are NOT. So I would far prefer to purchase them from the Japanese DLSITE.

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  3. Ummm, Hello? Anyone?

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    I only found this link in Heisei Democracy on how to buy from the japanese DLsite,

    Hope this helps a bit
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