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Thread: [Illusion] You can't escape from the Heroine - Discussion and FAQ

  1. [Illusion] You can't escape from the Heroine - Discussion and FAQ

    Official page:

    The IP blocking is Apparently gone, some countries are still blocked and others aren´t so if you can´t access please read the spoiler.

    NOTE: due to an stupid hardcore games ban Illusion only let access to japanese IPs, so if you are outside Japan and still want to visit this wonderful page use a proxy like this.
    You may want to search for other proxies if this doesn´t work, so go ahead an google it.....

    Media: 1 DVD-ROM
    Release date: 2009/10/02
    Genre: Posing Battle Fantasy
    Privilege disk: Unlimited Botu

    What we know so far is:

    9.11: PAKOPAKO distrubution for everybody
    9.18: Benchmark distribution ("puff puff" Bench)
    9.18: H animation public open
    9.21 ~ 25: H animation, continuation (more animations )
    9.25: countdown prolog
    9.28 ~ 10.2: countdown prolog update
    9.30: web digest movie distribution
    10.2: digital yuusha contest and item form posing battle, waza uploder

    パフパフ(puff puff): is something like "hot, sweet sigh"

    If you care here is the technical info of nubura ver2.0


    H screenshots texts translation by kh405 HERE
    Q&A by kh405 HERE
    PAKOPAKO, intructions HERE, by apoc666.
    Technique creation page brief description by kh405 HERE
    Game summary page translation by kh405 HERE
    Characters description translation by kh405 HERE
    Posing menu translation by kh405 HERE
    H mode icons description by kh405 HERE
    H scene part 3 titles translation by kh405 HERE

    Game flow translation
    1- World map - Escape from the heroine! Fight when is not possible to escape!

    Maou awake from a long dream and the heroines are pushing him from every place!
    They objective is to drain his energy (with H) to seal him off.

    However, Maou need to regain his "power" to fully revive so in order to do this is necesary to escape from the heroines.

    Decide a maou´s escape place far away from the heroines so he can regain his "power"!

    2- Level up!

    When you escape in the World map, maou power returns and his level raises.
    When the level goes up, maou will became stronger and he will advance battles advantageously.

    And when you do several level up you regain the original power and ....

    3- Technique creation - Produce the "technique" for use in the posing battle!

    Conecting pose and pose you can make "techniques".
    Use the "techniques" made in the posing battle.

    The "techniques" you produce, will let you advantageously advance battles!

    *Even if you don´t produce techniques you can advance in the game because several kinds of basic techniques are prepared.

    詳細は近日公開予定! (Is planned to add details soon!)

    4- Battle - Fight if you are cornered! Fight and open up a path!!

    Battle victory or defeat come in the power of the "technique", the shape of the truly new battle.

    This is the "posing battle"!

    You will challenge you rival in battle with various techniques!

    Note: here are 2 possible ways, win or lose so:

    A- Win in battle and .... H reward with Sefi!

    Win the battle and, enjoy the H reward with Sefi!

    Moreover, by enjoying H with Sefi, the physical strength of Saga recovers.

    B- Loose in battle and .... H with rival heroine!?

    When you are defeated in battle, you will have H with the heroine.

    An apparently delicious event however, when you ejaculate in this H, maou´s power is sucked and the rival heroine Lv goes up while maou´s level falls.

    However, if you make H and do not ejaculate the rival will faint and you will survive!

    For those who do not realize how to "unlock" Sefi in the trial please read the Spoiler.
    Open MIKtrial archive, then ingame you must click all the rectangles on the guy and then click in the button on the down-right corner.


    Some stuff from our buddies


    Benchmark Russian launcher HERE, by Cyber Hunter
    Benchmark launcher HERE, by TheShadow
    Benchmark launcher HERE, by bmobius
    PAKOPAKO Russian Launcher by Cyber Hunter
    PAKOPAKO English Launcher by bmobius
    MIK Trial English Launcher by bmobius
    Trial Russian launcher by Cyber Hunter


    Benchmark Russian HERE, by Cyber Hunter
    PAKOPAKO mirrors HERE, by fredericklim
    Benchmark mirrors HERE, by fredericklim
    Benchmark mirror HERE, by jingai
    Benchmark mirror HERE, by negum
    Mirror of the official IK demo by Inquisitor
    Mirrors of PAKOPAKO trial by Phoenix Rising
    PAKOPAKO Russian Version by Cyber Hunter
    Yusha MIK Trial Completely Russian version by Cyber Hunter


    PAKOPAKO Saga and Sefi Uncensor HERE, by profundis.
    PAKOPAKO Saga and Sefi Uncensor HERE, by 777Maliwei.

    Utilities and mods:

    PAKOPAKO other characters HERE, by a corean guy
    PPExtractor by ScumSuckingPig
    SB3Utility by Alamar
    Tail mod by 777Maliwei

    Demo videos:

    For those who can´t access to Illusion web page here are the Yusha H teaser and nubura videos.
    Technieque creation demo movie uploaded by Inquisitor here
    H movie 2 by negum here

    H movies and characters movies HERE, by negum.
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    The ad on the left labeled 7-3-09 to 7-08-09 is their Tanabata @Home wish event =P Basically a link to a form where you send your "wish" to Illusion.. or something along those lines..

    I assume what the op is talking about is that rather big banner on top saying a new anouncement at the end of the coming week.. has me curious myself actually xD

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  10. that thread of the ban is so confusing... which games will be banned? only rape games or all hentai games?

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