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Thread: Incest Doujin Mother/Son [Submissive Mother/Dominant Son]

  1. Incest Doujin Mother/Son [Submissive Mother/Dominant Son]

    Guys, I need help to find this one Mother/Son Doujin. I remember seeing it a long time ago, around 2005 or before (maybe Older), so you can basicaly exclude any stories released after that. All that I remember for certain is that it's the son that's seducing the mother, and there's this "scene" where the son brings a girlfriend home, has sex with her in the livingroom sofa and after she's gone he checks on the mother who was tied up behind the kitchen counter forced to listen to the whole thing. She's wearing only a gartner belt, stockings and a dildo between her legs (maybe or maybe not a braw). The mother has short hair, she's kinda like this cover girl from Ane Moe [Maeda Sengoku]. The Artit's style is something like Miyabi Tsuzuru (Enbo - Erotic Heart Mother)

    I know it's hard to find this one story among so many others that are publiished every day, but it's one of those things, I just keep trying to find this one. So please, if you know any Mother/Son storie that meets the description, please share.

    Thank you

    (The mother looks something like THIS)
    For the HOOORDE!!!

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  3. I really don't know what the manga title that you try to give many detial But
    If The manga is sort of incest And you had detail in your mind ,This one is the best try


    Search by using Tags That you knew like "shota ,mother , toy ..." Try it.

    Good Luck
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    Try "Tatoeba Haha Ga", too.
    (you need to scroll down a little bit)

  6. I found a Submissive Mother manga. It is not compleat, and I dont think it will be becuse of the last update was in 2008. Any way here is the 6 chapters that is out.

  7. Thx for the help everyone. I finally found the doujin in question.

    It's EGOIST from [Drill Murata]

    This is the picture that was burried in my mind for almost 10 years.
    For the HOOORDE!!!

  8. yes Miyabi Tsuzuru rulz i like the manga enbo


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