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Thread: Anime artstyle like Taimanin Asagi

  1. Anime artstyle like Taimanin Asagi

    Hey all,

    I was just wondering if there were any more H titles with the same artwork/style like Tamanin Asagi

    Is there a certain name for this style? It's really interesting and new so its kind of refreshing lol.

    Thanks in advance!

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  3. Dark Love
    Kangoku Senkan or Prison Battleship
    Seifuku Shojo
    Night Shift Nurse: Ren Nanase
    Anime Kazama Mana
    Anime Yagami Yu

    all 6 similar anime art style created by Teruaki Murakami

  4. See also Teruaki Murakami at the ANN Encyclopedia.
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    Content wise I think Dark Love is the closest to Asagi, there were tentacles in that one.
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  6. Don't forget hell knight ingrid. It is actually an Asagi spin off.

  7. Midnight Princess 69 is a lot like it.
    What you want is though is just to check out all of Pixy's releases, it's almost all the same art, same writers and usually same themes.

  8. Hell Knight Ingrid is good, but its not the same art and animation style as Asagi... I love anything done by him cause hes the only one that portrays deepthroating/facefucking in a realistic way in hentai that ive found. My favorites by him so far are the Asagi animation and the Night Shift Nurses spinoffs... particularly Kazama Mana <CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THOSE GENTLE DEEP RED EYES AS SHE GETS FACEFUCKED> lol
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  9. Taimanin asagi is really good, especially episode 2 where she get fucked by that monster with that huge dick.. aren't there more hentai scenes like that one?

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    You should check out the cgs for the games that the animes are based off of, since the cgs are so much hotter than the animes. Search the hentai cg section of this site. They have most of them. I recommend Taimanin Asagi and Kangoku Senkan.

  11. the one thing i hate about most h in this style is the camera always tends to be too close to the action.


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