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Thread: Misty Moon Metropolis 14 Does it really exist???

  1. Exclamation Misty Moon Metropolis 14 Does it really exist???

    Hi everyone!!

    I think most of you know the Misty Moon Metropolis series aka Rougetsu Toshi aka Necropolis Cokyo Apocrypha...:

    There are countless sites were you can download episode 1-13 and the Gaiden book part 2:

    Now what I wonder is:

    Has anyone EVER came across the Misty Moon Metropolis episode14,

    and the Gaiden book 1 ?!?!?!?!?!?

    I really start to doubt if thoose 2 ever have been printed, because I have searched countless sites and shops but I never saw on of thoose 2...
    More Infos like cirkle, release date ect. can be found here:

    ANYONE knows something about theese two? Any help or advice on how to get them/where to buy them would be great, I would also like to upload them if I get a chance to get them anywhere...
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  3. Where are these countless sites? I'm trying to get Izayoi SeiShin stuffs too. It's pretty rare. I can't see your hotlink picture because it won't let me but I assume you can buy gaiden 1 here:
    and book 14:

    If you got the other files can you upload them pretty please? Thx again.


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