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Thread: H-Flash Games

  1. H-Flash Games

    What were some of your favorites?
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  3. My favorite flash H-game?
    It's Home Alone of course
    Really good if you ask me

  4. I remember a nice game when you can date some manga girls, give them presents etc, and if she loves you, bang her, you have to make money to, but, i can't figure out the name of it -,-

  5. Quote Originally Posted by honda82
    Umm... Post it!!
    Sorry, I can't since I was told not to torrent it (that was the only condition and I'd rather not break that promise ).
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  6. Lists to be deleted due to Forum rules.
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  7. *Deleted by User*
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  8. since a lot of people are looking for it

    here's the tifa rape game (flash)

    and here's the link for that kasumi rape thing

    edit note

    password is either gaben or "gaben"
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  9. Well I figured I might as well post some, since I find some of these amusing sometimes, some of them are surprisingly well done, some of these well.. aren't.

    Some pretty good quality movies, some of them are flash, though some of them are wma.

    I admit, this game is interesting, wish I knew how to play it better, but it's sorta like a martial artist training hentai, if my japanese was better, I'd do a mini-faq, but I know barely enough to get by. Though I believe there is, or can be depending on the choice some yaoi, but I'm not 100% sure. Also, there's a ranma 1/2 flash hentai game thing and some other side scrolling knight.

    Bout 13 pages of games and such, some of them are good, some aren't, but if you go the pages, sometimes you can find the links to other games from the same page etc. Has been getting updated recently, so it's a plus.

    Well if you don't know bout these pages, that should keep you entertained for a few, if not, well I tried. Anyway, hope you enjoy.

  10. *Post Deleted*
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  11. Winrar is pretty much free, you're supposed to buy it or register it, but once the trial expires, it never seems to shut down or anything, or maybe you don't get all the features or something. So it's worth a shot, least to grab it, cause almost anything you're gonna download nowadays is using rar, I even see it used more then .zip now.

    As for what is flash stuff, best way --I-- can put it, is it tends to be a shockwave flash file, which pretty much when it finshes loading up in your browser when you have the correct plugins or such, is it can be anything from an interactive picture, to a quick or even really long movie, maybe an interactive game. So it can be anything really.

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