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Thread: obsessive breast expansion fetish

  1. obsessive breast expansion fetish

    does anyone know where i can find anime or hentai that obsessively does breast expansion where the boobs go from really small to really huge and the anime/hentai girls are really attractive (slim and stacked)? Any anime or hentai that does anything in between is fine too. I'm on a quest to find as much breast expansion in anime or hentai. Whether the characters are clothed or not doesn't matter to me. I like it more when they wear skimpy outfits or nothing at all. Anything will work here paysites, free sites, anime or hentai series. Just blurt them all out. I've been searching this kind of stuff for the past 10 years now, so I've seen a lot of sites. The kind of places i like to get this stuff from the most are archived sites, especially ones with videos.

    Here are some sites that I know of that have breast expansion and if you can add to this list that would be awesome, websites or names of anime/hentai series are fine: (not on the web anymore) mom has some breast expansion in it if you search for it also has some breast expansion if you search for it

    and there's more that i've been to but don't remember the names of the sites
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  3. Here is an example of the kind of thing I would like to see:

    This clip is from the hentai series "seikon-no-qwaser" episode 4, about 9 minutes into the episode

    Now when I looked at this episode, I don't think the breast expansion actually happened in the episode itself. Somebody must have taken the clip and did a breast expansion on it.
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  4. See my Breast Expansion list in the "Anything on the scale of..." thread.
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  5. Thanks for your help. This kind of stuff is really difficult to find in excess. I'd have hoped the internet would have a lot more of it, but searching through google doesn't do anything for me in this area.
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  6. Hey, also if anyone has access to hot asian porn with big boobs that would be another plus.

  7. in the game Oppai Slider 2 from Illusion you can make em really big if that is what you want

  8. Yeah, I already have that game and it was pretty good. The only problem was that once you get them past a certain size, they would start to look weird and not like boobs anymore. Actually, pretty much anything made by illusion has some breast expansion in it. Am I right?

    Here's a link to an oppai slider example:

    Another game that did breast expansion fairly well was Artificial Girl 3. The link doesn't actually show breast expansion happening but you can tell that there was some breast expansion done before hand. Here's an example link:

    Also, if anyone can tell me where to get the videos made by whoever made this clip that would be awesome. I'm just wondering if this came from a website where I can find more of it. This is a pretty good animation. If this helps, at the end of the clip it says it was done by "StudioZ 4thExit Productions ". Here's the link:
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  9. Another quick question. Up at the top I posted a link to a clip from "seikon-no-qwaser". Does anyone know any other hentai where the girls are just as beautiful and big breasted? I'm actually starting to watch this one as if it were an anime and am finding some of this big breast and naked girl stuff like in "seikon-no-qwaser" hilarious. Just the way they portray some of the clips knocks my socks off. Anyways, I'd like to see more hentai like this. Give me some names if you know any. Thanks.

  10. Found some!

    Not exactly my fetish, but I love memes and keeping track of them.

    We should have an internet forum somewhere dedicated to keeping track of instances in cartoons (anime or western) where character's breasts grow visibly on-screen.

    Here just made a group for fans of this (or the opposite, shrinkage)
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  11. Another good anime you should check out is Manyuu Hikenchou. It is similar to Seikon-no-qwaser in the amount of fanservice that the anime has, exept the anime is less serious as Seikon. Also the anime contains breast expansion (and deflation)

    That is all that I can come up with because breast expansion isnt what Im looking for.


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