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Thread: Plastic Dolls Links

  1. Plastic Dolls Links

    Is anybody else here interested in hentai-style plastic dolls sites?

    It's not exacly hentai, but for me they're somehow equivalent. Regrettably, most of them are in Japanese and can get quite difficult to navigate.

    I'll add some of my links here; if you're interested, why not contributing with some more?


    -------------SOME LINKS-------------
    (Warning: adult only)

    Lifelike size
    extremely good style. Very evoking.
    large collection, good as introduction. Not hard enough for my tastes

    Small size
    several stories for all tastes. Some of them very good.

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    funny, to bad their "sex dolls"
    They seem pretty artistic, could surely used in some artistic scenarios ^^

    To bad that guy in the first link is so perverted, I'm more interested in the faces than the rest of the body to be honest.
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    Uhm, I dunno ... these dolls look kinda creepy ... like corpses. @_@

  5. see ya

    Not so much interest, I see..
    It's a pity, I can spend the day surfing for them :-)

  6. morio, you know anymore websites like the first one?

  7. Haha.. they are also expensive Only good for when your gf/wife isnt giving you "any"

  8. Since they're that expensive, why not rather get a RealDoll, which still can be used for certain purposes
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  9. so no one has more links to sites like those? I dont plan on getting one, just want to see some more pics with more nudity

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    Quote Originally Posted by proto
    so no one has more links to sites like those? I dont plan on getting one, just want to see some more pics with more nudity
    But you all wish you had one.

  11. I'm usually creeped out when I see those types of dolls. Kinda scary for me.

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