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Thread: Games like Bonetown?

  1. Games like Bonetown?

    Hi! I was wondering if there are any other quality porn games like bonetown that offer a sort of free roaming "fuck every girl you see!" kind of gameplay.

    Also, what are some other good english porn games?

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  3. Nothing.No games like the Bonetown in my memory.The Bonetown is the first and ouly this kind of game in the word.I geuss.
    I like here

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    TheManOfShadows Guest
    BoneTown is the only one that comes to mind. I do believe it is a one of a kind game for now. The only other one that is even close is AG3.

  5. Ah that sucks.

  6. That's a real shame, a rapey free roaming game would be my ideal H game. Even if the graphics aren't 3D like they are in Bonetown. Are there any games like that with a sort of Zeldaish top-down perspective?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by somavision View Post
    We created a adult RPG called It has a different art style than bonetown, but it still has some similar quest elements.
    I just got done attempting to play your cutie3d demo, and while I refuse to pass judgment on a game until I have at least tried it, I must ask what there is to do in the demo? All i managed to do was pick up coins. I could also stand next to people and they would give me a one liner but it was unable to interact with them using any of the labeled controls. What exactly is it that I am suppose to do? Your site seems to require a subscription and I bought bonetown for less than a three month subscription to your site. I'm just hoping there is more to the game and demo than I originally saw and that I am just oblivious to some deeper game mechanics.

  8. I think bonetown or bonecraft to me both of them tops all other illusion games..

  9. Please excuse me for the necrobump but I thought I'd like to contribute to this thread in case any of you are still trying to find more games like Bonetown. You can consider using video game mods that allows you to perform sexual actions with just about every NPC in the game, the following games as far as I know have existing mods that let you do this (Some of which already have threads for them here)

    The Sims 1-3 (For the Sims 2, I recommend the WooHoo Everywhere mod)

    Elder Scrolls Games Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim

    Fallout 3 and New Vegas

    GTA: San Andreas (Aside from the hot coffee mod, you can try mods such as Cleo Girl XXX which opens a brothel in the 2 available strip clubs, adds girls CJ can have sex with into all but one of the safehouses and the Jefferson Motel, allows you to have sex with your girlfriends whenever you want instead of taking them out on a date first, and allows you to spawn them with a code to have sex anywhere. There's also some mods that allows you to perform sexual actions with random NPCs on the street such as the CJ the Rapist mod)
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