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Thread: [ILLUSION] Artificial Academy - Character upload & character discussion

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    [ILLUSION] Artificial Academy - Character upload & character discussion

    In this thread we can discuss characters we are making, boast about our class, compare traits, OC's and "re-created" existing characters (from anime for example). Generally, try to keep it character-oriented and have fun.

    Game info

    Download links:

    • Unfortunately, none anymore! Google it

      Hint: [110610] sukebei

    Translation and uncensor:

    Preferably use this: Inquisitor's All-in-One HF patch

    Launcher English
    • [Official] [English] [Full] Launcher by TheShadow : Here

    Launcher Foreign

    • [Russian] Launcher by Cyber Hunter Here
    • [German] Launcher by Phil26: Here
    • [Chinese] Launcher by xcthegreat: Here

    Other threads:


    Pre-release discussion

    Check out these threads if you need additional stuff for you characters. Pay heed to The Shadow, he's the boss.

    *[Official] : means created by a member of HF-Modders Club

    Thanks TheShadow for his first-page post. Whew, I didn't knew updating this would be so much work ^^'
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  3. Alright, sure. This is my tentative first class.

    Cathedral Academy - A school for gifted children who exhibit supernatural powers. Here they learn to control their unique abilities, as well as prepare themselves for lives of constant hardship. This class was handpicked by the dean of the school, and contains the most powerful and unstable of the student body.


    Uemara Saria

    She is a manipulative evil bitch.
    She's bisexual and aims to turn everyone in class into her sex slaves.

    Takai Misayo

    She is a pretty depressing individual.
    She's quiet and mostly keeps to herself.

    Yuzu Sano

    Is into fortune telling and magic, but mostly keeps it to herself.
    Wants to make an Occult club with her friend Takata Shiori.

    Hirose Kazumi

    A hero of justice, she lets no wrong-doing go unpunished.
    She strikes fear in the hearts of delinquents everywhere.

    Eguchi Makiko

    A Country Gal who is still getting used to city life.
    She's not too bright, and is easily fooled.

    Kamida Mae

    Level-headed and calm, Mae is very rarely upset.
    She spends much of her time reading books at the library.

    Takata Shiori

    She is very interested in the supernatural and wants to start an Occult club at school.
    Unlike Yuzu Sano, she talks about her hobby openly without shame.

    Iwai Mine

    Rich and popular, she knows all of the latest gossip.
    She is a bit of a bully towards the other girls.

    Oazaki Orimi

    A misunderstood delinquent girl, she is ill-tempered and hard to approach.
    She is actually pretty nice once you get to know her.

    Nimiya Rami

    The Class Rep, she makes good grades.
    She secretly hates her position, and does not like responsibility.

    Ageda Nanaho

    Very polite and well-mannered.
    Her sheltered life makes it difficult for her to make friends.

    Naitou Keina

    Iwai Mine's biggest rival, they act like friends in class but secretly hate each other.
    She uses her looks to manipulate men into doing her bidding.

    Sibata Kahori

    Mysterious and aloof, no one knows much about this mysterious girl.
    It is rumored that she is actually some sort of ghost or demon.

    Osawa Touko

    She likes sports and she has green hair.
    That's about it.

    Sakawa Emiri

    And last but not least, the Tsundere.
    What class would be complete without one of these?

    Males will be done at a later post, maybe, I don't want make a huge post.
    Tacos are my body, and a guacamole is my blood.

  4. Males

    Maeda Naoki

    Meek and Defenseless, he tries his best to go unnoticed.
    Likely the first to be raped.

    Kato Hideki

    The Class Clown and all-around funny guy.
    Kind of an idiot, he has terrible luck.

    Sadato Souji

    Big and scary looking, very quiet.
    Is actually a sweet-heart; loves to bake cookies.

    Hideo Gotou

    Jouda Ryuto's personal lacky.
    Not bright and easily swayed.

    Noharu Koga

    And excellent martial artist and all-around badass.
    Okata Kazuki's sports rival.

    Tanaka Ren

    Hardcore punk-rocker.
    Still not too cool for school.

    Endo Makoto

    A surly otaku at the top of the class.
    Is only interested in 2d girls.

    Ogawa Hiro

    Smart and outgoing, he is the student council vice-president.
    Secretly plans to rule them all.

    Okata Kazuki

    Star-pitcher of the school baseball team.
    Dense as a brick; is unaware of the rivalry between him and Noharu Koga.

    Jouda Ryuuto

    A delinquent who frequently causes trouble for the class.
    Follows a strict personal code of honor.

    I have a few more male characters, but I only had 10 slots left to fill, so I picked these guys. I sure wish there were a few more male personalities.
    Tacos are my body, and a guacamole is my blood.

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    I'm going to post some of my characters ^^'
    Believing in diversity I present you male and female alike as well as my charcters with a few remaked in AA.

    Konata Izumi from Lucky Star

    Is there a person who doesn't know about Lucky Star Anyway, marry me Konata. I mean it XD
    Since I don't know (yet!) what exactly personality traits are doing in the game, they maybe a bit off, but I gave her Positive and Perverted with low virtue seeking pleasure.

    Tomoka Choba

    Aaand it's my first creation. A klutz and goodhearted person, even if a bit simple. Gave her Positive and Own Pace.

    Urumi Kanzaki from Great Teacher Onizuka

    Okay, I know, GTO might not be the first place to go when seeking moe bijin. Although I made her anyway 'couse I really like her. She's that malicious genius if you don't remember (if you didn't read GTO i STRONGLY recommend it. Sometimes I actually rofled. One shouldn't compare anime to mange - the former is much, much worse). Trait - Jealous.
    Kyouya Ootori from Ouran Highschool Host Club

    I wonder, if there are many males in HF who'll recognize this fellow? Anyway, Kyouya is cold, ice cold. An ideal seme in any relationship, tehehe. An upperclassman in Tennis club.
    Ryuka Fuujin

    Just came to me, though I don't know from where ^^. I thought I should have at least two males when posting, hence Ryu was born. Definitely kendo club and an Irritable trait. I don't know how the male version of tsundere is called but he's just this - a male tsun (maybe not dere after all ^^").
    Hope you like them, feel free to comment and most important, post your own?
    And I wonder, what do you think about the resemblance to the actual, original chars?

    Maybe if it isn't a problem (and someone'd be interested of course), I'll share some new/other chars later.

  6. I really like Ryuka Fuujin, could you send me his .png file so I can use him in my game?
    Tacos are my body, and a guacamole is my blood.

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    Quote Originally Posted by risenchud View Post
    I really like Ryuka Fuujin, could you send me his .png file so I can use him in my game?
    Of course, I'm really glad you like it. I also hope, that my future chars will suit you as well
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Ryu.png 
Views:	1291 
Size:	37.5 KB 
ID:	196043  

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    The Hanabi Twins
    Those twins are highly friendly and social.They talk with everyone with a nice and sweet smile on their face.
    They are Managers of the Baseball Club.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Hanabi_Nana.jpg 
Views:	6502 
Size:	287.9 KB 
ID:	196127
    The elder twin
    She's often in her own world, a wandering hairhead and who got lost easily.She bad in sport but good in academic.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Hanabi_Kana.jpg 
Views:	4724 
Size:	286.1 KB 
ID:	196126
    The younger twin
    She's very active.She's bad in academic but good in sport.She's always rushing to get back her wandering hairhead big sister.

    But, beware of those twins!
    They look sweet, nice, innocent and a good comical duo but in fact... They have a freaking hot inferno in their panties!

    They're nympho who really love to fuck and seek pleasure at every moment, either guys or gals, they don't care.They are highly skilled and very sensitive.
    That's why they signed for the Baseball Club : They want to fuck the whole team members and, if possible, all the team at the same time.

    Here the .png for the interested.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Hanabi_Nana.png 
Views:	2786 
Size:	39.8 KB 
ID:	196128   Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Hanabi_Kana.png 
Views:	2131 
Size:	39.2 KB 
ID:	196129  

  9. maybe too little. but thank you too!

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    Well after many day , I tried to create a whole class (Not easy to balance in sport/preference sexual/personality ) with 15 Girls and 10 Boys.

    I'm too lazy to make a introduction

    I don't know How it will look with the basic skin ( for the yellow and dark ), but if you want try my modified's skin, try the archive ( remember to save a copy ), be warned for the skin for tan line because it's ugly.
    To avoid specifying each time :
    I'm Deaf and I didn't have played so much with...

  11. After being driven almost mad trying to get the eyes to look "right", I thought I'd share a few things I learned with regards to face design in AA:
    • The game's "anime" art style clashes with any attempt at a "realistic" art style (i.e smaller eyes). While you can get away with a semi-realistic style in AG3, you can't seem to be able to do this in AA without the result looking "weird".
    • The "best" settings for eyes are the default ones, unsurprisingly.
    • Bigger eyes will require you to use the "oval" shaped iris instead of the "circle" iris. The reason being the bigger eyes are vertically-stretched, so if you use the circle irus, there will be a lot of white at the tops and bottoms of the eyes, giving the character a permanently surprised expression. You might have noticed that most female characters in anime have oval-shaped irises, this is why.
    • Make your eye height suit the eyes you're using. Different settings change the level of the outer tips of the eyes. In normal human beings, the outer tips of the eyes and the point where the upper part of the ear joins the face forms a perfectly level line. So you should use the eye level that forms the aforementioned level line, or the eyes will seem to be sitting in a "weird" position.

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