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Thread: [Illusion] Artificial Academy - Gameplay Discussion (read first post!)

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    [Illusion] Artificial Academy - Gameplay Discussion (read first post!)

    This is the discussion of Artificial Academy gameplay. Technical questions, game reviews and other posts that are not related to playing the game should be posted in the general discussion and FAQ thread.

    Do not post in this thread if your game isn't working. We want this thread to be clean and readable and a help to those playing the game.

    Don't forget to read the gameplay wiki before asking a question!! You will most likely find what you're looking for much faster than waiting for a reply.

    Help and FAQ

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    Game info


    HF Patch
    Installs the official patches and addons (including the Cold personality), English translations, full uncensor and more!





    Please PM me if you have comments/suggestions or if you think that something is missing from this post!
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  3. Just out of curiosity. Do any of those mods work with the final game?
    Id just like to know before I try applying mods that only work with character editors.

    Hoping that some Illusion savoy person will at least do a machine translation of this games script. I would but I cant even get English right.
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    we would phantazum, but once we obtain the game and test things ! Wait until tomorrow or after tomorrow until we clear things out
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  5. well when i try to launch the game i only got the option to create character:/ so how i launch the game?

  6. Kinda rough translation of the icon guide, to be used with caution.

    Edit: Updated to v0.2 with help from Etherlite's translation.

    Click image for larger version. 

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  7. So... How do you actually H in this game? Characters are just wandering around asking y/n questions with no results other then "..e?" "a" "he". Trying to talk to anybody, geting random % from different icons, pink icons always 0%.

    upd: sometimes answering on those questions results in running somewhere. And that's it.
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  8. While you're at school you can use the class roster button to talk/interact with anyone. The percentages are the things I don't get. I'd be at 120% with a girl so I figure it would be time to confess. Flat out rejected. What a cold girl I wish they used some sort of meter instead, or even AG3's 4 color system (blue=stranger, green=friends, red=lover, yellow=jealous) or something of that nature.

    The girl's responses sometimes just seem random. I'll be at 0% with a girl and invite her to lunch and she'll agree. Then I'll be 96% and ask someone to study and they'll say no.

    So hard to tell if you are getting any closer with a girl, and that's something vital for a game like this.

  9. As far as I can tell, the percentage is how much a girl likes what you just did. If you go to the road outside the school (the one you start and end the day on) and click on the little statue it will give you a roster page with little speech bubbles telling you about the relationship between you and them (colour coded, though I've only really seen blue (neutral?) and pink (hate?)).

  10. Ugh. This game is supposed to be a H simulator, right? Like SM, SB and others. Why it's so difficult to just have sex in there?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by yom View Post
    Ugh. This game is supposed to be a H simulator, right? Like SM, SB and others. Why it's so difficult to just have sex in there?
    Ah, it's so much more satisfying shagging someone after putting in the effort, though!

    Anyway, there will probably be a save editor at some point, so you can just brainwash them and watch them climb on top of you.

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