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Thread: Unofficial おっぱいスライダー2 (Oppai Slider 2) discussion thread

  1. Arrow Unofficial おっぱいスライダー2 (Oppai Slider 2) discussion thread

    FAQ's, Guides and File Directory.
    "Everything you wanted to know about Oppai 2,
    but were afaid to ask in the torrent thread."™

    edit: 2/16/06 - have been gone from HF for a while, glad to
    see this thread is still helping people find oppai2 resources.
    thanks for the support and rep everyone.

    I'm going to assume in the information that I provide that you've made it
    past the installation and running of the game and are now past the Girl
    customization part.
    I'm going to try and explain the gameplay of the engine.

    There are two camera modes:
    Rotate around girl;
    First person.
    You can select them from the red/blue icons on the far top right of the
    screen or by pressing A or S. The Red one is for H-scenes, the Blue one
    is for looking around the room for more items.

    While your are interacting with the girl you can still move the camera
    around by holding CTRL
    (thanks crapmail2)

    Story Mode:
    First thing you need to know is the Function keys.

    F1 - Options
    Exit the game, make the "partner" invisible, etc.

    F2 - Walkthrough
    This shows every possible outcome with the girl, refer
    to this for ideas of what to do next.

    F3 - Map
    A lot of the time you need to use an Item to progress, the
    map shows you all of the items in the room (that that time,
    more items show up later)

    F4 - H-tutorial
    Just shows where you can interact with the girls.

    Next is how to progress in the game.
    Unlike previous Illusion games, just rubbing the girl a lot might not
    get you where you want to go.

    To progress check the Walkthrough (F2) and the Map (F3).
    If there is an item on the map then try using that first, if not then
    look at the Walkthrough to see what options you have.
    It's different for each personality of the girls though.

    Next is the H-system.

    CLICK and SCROLL mode:
    Hover the mouse over the part of the girl you'd like to play with.
    This opens a string of options on the Left side of the screen.
    These options are in two rows (although not always both are visible.)
    The left row is the playing one.

    When hovering over the part you want, scroll your mousewheel down through
    the options. Then CLICK to begin.

    From here you can either Click and DRAG the mouse around
    You can scroll the mousewheel up and down. Each will do something different.

    Then Right-click or select the X icon to exit out of this mode.

    (now going to be referred to as CLICK and SCROLL,
    this is used for pretty much everything in the game)

    Advanced play:
    The Right row of options in the H-system is for advanced play.

    The "mushroom" icons indicate Sexual positions which play the same way as
    regular play (DRAG or SCROLL)

    The mouse(?) icons indicate items to use. Which are ususally DRAG and SCROLL as well.

    Uh... "Finishing"
    The color of the character with the girl shows their excited state,
    while doing a position that they're involved in they'll begin to turn RED.
    The brighter red they are, the closer they are.

    After a while there will be some dialog, after it's done you have to
    click on a selectable part of the girl.
    Then two options pop-up to confirm you want to do it there.

    Can either be done by just playing with the girl, using a location or
    item, or clicking on the Face icon that appears around the Top-Right
    of the screen. Careful, sometimes this leads to an ending.

    The funny thing is.. the Icon on the Bottom right of the screen actually
    tells you what you have to do to progress......... too bad I don't read Japanese.

    Refer to the map, then move the camera around and look for that item.
    Click on it to get a description the select the Checkbox to pick up that item.

    To use an item you have to find the right part of the body it can be used
    on. Then select the mouse(?) icon in the Right row of H-actions.

    Some items can't be picked up but rather are locations for the girl to go.
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  3. Sorry guys but since that last big post I made that detailed things I really haven't been paying attention to whats going on due to a lack of time... I've been trying to figure out what I missed and it's mindboggling especially considering I've forgotten most the old stuff (such as which file which patch goes to etc.).

    So what I'm asking is if any of you could make a post in the same style I did that outlined all the important things so far.

    What we preferably need is a single post in a new thread (stickied and not replied to or locked) that explains everything that's happened with OS2 so far with all the links and detailed explantions which will be updated as new things are added.

    I would gladly do this myself, but as I said, I've missed a lot to say the least so I really can't. Thanks in advance to whoever can do this.

    PS: Great work as usual alessi, I'm not sure what the hell is going on but I see you're still working hard . I'd give you more rep points but it won't let me . It seems I have to give rep points to several people before I can give more to you and took again.

    EDIT: Well I might as well add this for whoever wants to make that large post:

    g01_01.xx --> os_00s.pp (sailor)
    g02_01.xx --> os_00m.pp (maid)
    g03_01.xx --> os_00n.pp (nurse)
    g04_01.xx --> wb01.pp (Waichichi Beach)
    g06_01.xx --> osa_20.pp (A-Ga girl)
    g07_01.xx --> osa_40.pp (xmas nurse)
    g08_01.xx --> osa_30.pp (SB2 girl)

    Oh and the waichichi beach girl seems to have another mosaic (or whatever it's called) over her making Took's art look blurred. Can any of you guys figure out what's causing that?

    EDIT AGAIN: I haven't had time to look through all the posts and figure out what I've missed, but I noticed something about Dili's patch containing a file which can switch between the two variations of the AGA girl. Being the stubborn ass that I am, I like to patch everything myself (and I have the directory with the original jap name so I can't use Dili's patch anyways) so is the AGA girl switcher file or whatever it is availible to download separately?
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Albert Silverberg
    is the game censored. srry for being lazy, its just surfing over 20 pages is tough to find the answer,
    Uh... all this stuff we've been talking about is about uncensoring the original game, the preorder bonus mini game (waichichi beach), and all the addons such as the extra girls. Also it seems they've been talking about removing the limits in the game while I was gone, hence why I asked someone to summerize everything in one big post as a separate locked thread.

    So in other words... it's all been uncensored, you just have to patch everything. My previous post lists the files in the first edit.
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  5. Exclamation

    Hi all and thanks for your work.

    I have a question for Alessi and Other member .

    Is it possible to put all the patch : Uncensor , Translate , and Plug in ,
    For this game in the same Post ?

    I don't find the uncensor TOTAL patch and i dont find the Translate Beta (or not) patch.

    Thanks in advance.

    PS: Sorry , i am French Girl and my english is so bad
    (but my japanese is too much Bad than english lol)

  6. to Randomperson and apreslespluies: Click here to see the progress so far (everything except the christmas release and Waichichi Beach)

    some other important things to note:also attached azombie's OS2 walkthrough in a word document. that's all i could think to add for now...seems pretty good to me. hope that helps!


    a apreslespluies: ton anglais est tres bien! bein mieux que mon ecriture en francais!
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  7. a apreslespluies: ton anglais est tres bien! bein mieux que mon ecriture en francais!
    So, Your french Word is perfect too lol exept :

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  8. [QUOTE=apreslespluies]So, Your french Word is perfect too lol exept :


    (Official) HF-Modding/Translation Club Member #27

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Dili
    TMS's christmas OS2.exe NoDVD patch
    that information was given just a few posts up...
    thanks, but.....

    These patches doesn't include English NoDVD Launcher...

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    Please discuss in French in Foreign Language forum

  12. Thanks for listing that stuff Dili, but I kinda already figured most of it out. I'm just not too sure about that glasses thing since I really didn't read about it.

    What I was asking is if the AGA girl switcher is availible separately.

    Also I should note that those links you gave for waichichi beach may not last forever. I uploaded them on rapidshare and I'm not a plantinum member meaning that they will be deleted if they are not used at least once every 30 days. I will go to those links once a month myself to keep them alive but should they ever not work... that is a reason.

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