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Thread: [REAL] Custom AI-Droid discussion & FAQ

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    [REAL] Custom AI-Droid discussion & FAQ

    This is the discussion of Custom AI-Droid (かすたむアイドロイド), by REAL. Be sure to read the Custom AI-Droid wiki before posting a question!

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    HF Patch
    Includes latest released official patch, bonus disk, DLC, translations, uncensor and more...

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    Watch this space for updates...
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  3. I'm on day 21 and I still can't change her clothes T_T

    Starting at about day 7 or so I'd do stuff with her all the time cause it was then that I'd found out about the fast forward button.

    Also, holding right click and moving gives camera rotation, while holding both left + right click gives camera translation.

    EDIT: Got it on day 26. Good game nonetheless.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sibushang View Post
    I guess you could say she's a Dojikko type but she hasn't really exhibited the trademark clumsiness yet.
    It's pretty early in my game, and I've already seen her sprawled face down on the floor twice.
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  5. She's falls flat on her face a lot, even later in the story, so this doesn't happen because she isn't used to moving. Like when you take her to see the outside world for the first time to the temple, she falls on the steps, and this happens about half way trough the story I believe (unless it can happen earlier depending on your actions, like with clothing options). So I'm pretty sure Type-A can classify as dojikko.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sibushang View Post
    So I tried the walkthrough to use Translation Aggregator in the first post and I chose Honyaku and Google as the translator and I must say I'm quite impressed! I'm getting a perfectly understandable translation of the story! I'm not getting the text to appear in the game like profundis's screen shot but that's ok, I'm running the game in windowed mode anyway. I'm rather surprised how easy it was to set this up and the total size of all the tools I downloaded was less than 1mb. Anyone who's interested in the story for this game should try this out.

    Just be sure to use Honyaku and Google... the other are pretty bad. If anyone notices that another translation site gives better results, share it!

    @previous poster just search for pirate bay, custom aidroid and look for the torrent posted by AK420.
    I just tried this. It's a lot more manageable if you check the option to remove repeated phrases and use Substitutions to pretranslate the names -- machines always get those wrong, but Real's launcher won't let you change them to romaji.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by DokEnkephalin
    but Real's launcher won't let you change them to romaji.
    Sort of fixed it in my latest launcher. You can now use the roman alphabet as input, make sure the character length is even (2, 4, ...) as it can't save non-double width values.

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    Which unlocks what isn't very clear; it seems I should've unlocked masturbation, but got her to pee for me instead. Just what I needed, an android pissing on my hardwood floors! I've been using the anal vibes on her in different situations, H and training, but that hasn't unlocked anal yet.

    I got a little ticked at her pulling her abused act yet again, but after I put her in collar and restraints, she seemed more compliant for her love level and her attitude cooled. I should test that next time she drops below half again.
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  9. I don't know how to install the "full save"

    after I click on the exe and find the path to the AI droid directory. the save games doesn't show up.

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    When you installed the game it should have created a folder named REAL in your "My Documents" folder. The save data folder is in there along with your character data.
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  11. I hope all the great mods get continued support even after the new illusion game is released

  12. Strange, that there is no uncensor yet )
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