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Thread: [Illusion] Wakeari! ( ワケあり!) Gameplay Discussion & FAQ

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  3. OK, ignore my previous post. I did some messing around with some files and whatnot and managed to get it installed and the patch applied. Don't ask how, I'm not sure. Half of it was just on a whim.

    Anyway, NEW PROBLEM: I start a new game, story and voices play fine, displays CG stills without problems, but when it get's to the part when I'm actually controlling the camera and everything I get a message that the game's encountered a problem and needs to close. I've only gotten past this ONCE and it closed on me the moment I moved on to story progression. This is also a serious display issue for the one time it worked and when I went to free mode after having the patch put in the save data. For some reason everything on the characters, from hair to skin to clothes is a colored different shades of a glossy black so it's tough to make anything out.

    Any information on this would be greatly apreciated. Thanks in advance and I apologise if this issue has already been discussed.

  4. I've seen a few complaints about the "settings file not found" issue but haven't seen any solutions. This only happens with the english launcher with the HF patch. The game works right after I install it, but once I apply the HF patch it says settings file not found. I THINK it it because I changed the file name to english, but it wouldn't work if I installed it in a japanese named file. The launcher also wont let me change the location of the game for some reason. Any ideas?

  5. Christmas costumes avaible.
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    Dec 9th XMASS Update

    A rather poor update dubbed XMASS, but nothing in it would suggest that it's giving time from Illusion for the upcoming holidays. Nonetheless, I've upped it to MU for people who have hassle accessing the official page. Have fun (though I can't possibly see how).

    --> Download the update from MU <--
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    So aside from a really lazily designed christmas costume this patch also added the ability to disable the girls resistance in XXX demon mode by hitting the "V" key.
    The cake turned out to not be a lie after all!

    My UpperVolta AG3 Mod Wizzard ready conversions

  8. christmas patch
    -now you can play 3p yuri scene (in xxx demon mode ) ^^
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    Wakeari HF Patch 0.4

    Thanks to Cyber Hunter releasing the translated English launcher for XMAS it was possible for me to release an updated HF Patch.

    This version also includes the excellent PARTIAL story translations by azurath01, joethebeast, wiggy fuzz and zarrbon77. Be sure to rep those guys for their awesome contributions, if you want more of the story translated! (just click the names to add to their reputation)

    Read more and get it here

  10. Any chance the popup on the bottom right be uncensored as well?

    It be so great if someone's able to. Just saying...

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