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Thread: We Love Master Walkthrough

  1. We Love Master Walkthrough

    We Love Master Walkthrough

    To get all the CG, at options with a *, save and load then choose the other option(s).

    Route A
    <Save 1>
    Choose Sakura
    *Come inside her mouth
    (CG Collection)

    <From save 1>
    Choose Kuu
    *Come inside her mouth
    (CG Collection)

    <From Save 1>
    Choose Hime
    Make Kuu do it
    save 2
    *Shoot my load inside her pussy
    Make Sakura do it
    save 3
    *Watch Sakura at work
    save 4
    *Sakura is the last one
    <Save 5>
    Initiate an investigation
    Don't explain
    Call Sakura and Hime
    save 6
    *Cum inside her
    <Save 7>
    Choose Sakura
    *Come inside her mouth
    (CG Collection)

    <From save 7>
    Choose Kuu
    *Come inside her mouth
    save 8
    *(Not completely sure since in the walkthrough it mentions Sakura however,
    no choice contains her name but i got the ending with "Call all the girls and Ema")
    *Have Kuu and Ema do it
    <Save 9>
    I want to make a big announcement
    End 1

    <From save 9>
    We're going to stop going to school
    *Call Sakura and Kuu
    End 2

    Route B
    <From save 5>
    Observe the situation for a while
    Call Kuu and Ema
    *Take a bath
    *...Take the limo to school, as usual
    save 10
    *Keep Sakura too
    *Call Sakura and Kuu
    save 11
    *Go shopping with Sakura
    <Save 12>
    There's no rush
    End 3

    <From save 12>
    Then, let's get moving
    End 4

    (CG Collection)

    From save 2
    Shoot my load over her body

    From save 3
    Pkuu a visit

    From save 3
    Check up on Hime

    From save 4
    Kuu is the last one

    From save 4
    Hime is the last one

    From save 6
    cum on her

    From save 8
    Call Hime

    From save 8
    Call all the three girls

    From save 10
    Keep Hime too/
    keep on play on the game it will show Sakura CG Image as well

    From save 11
    Take a walk Kuu

    From save 11
    Play with Hime

    I hope this is in the right place and any can re-do this if they want to
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  3. is there a walkthrough thats route by route? i look at this and i cant make heads or tails of it.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by AquaDragonKing View Post
    is there a walkthrough thats route by route? i look at this and i cant make heads or tails of it.

    hi there this is where i got the walkthrough but i just add some more i play around with it after i went through the walkthrough that i got from there and found some more cg images so i just add more save for after you finish that walkthrough

    this the only walkthrough that is out there for now i guess there might be more routes for it

    i hope you understand that what i am trying to say

  5. ya i found that one first but sence this is the only thread on hongfire about We Love Master! i thought id ask. im not a member of the other site.

  6. Terribly sorry about the bump, but a much less confusing walkthrough can be found here..

  7. i have tried those one as well they are not a 100% cg's images that why i have made this one


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