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Thread: anyone intrested in translating one of these 3 games???

  1. anyone intrested in translating one of these 3 games???

    ok i'm a realy big fan of games and visual novels whit neko girls and stuff like that but there is 2 games that never sems to be in any progress at all, and the 2 games are:

    Neko Kawaigari! ~Klein Inuneko Byouin Shinsatsuchuu~ (

    the game was droped by the two translating sites and some random guy said that he was going to complete the translating and that it would be done in 2011 but nobody heard more since that and i asume that he probebly droped it to, so if anyone would like to complete this game i would be forever gratefull.

    Nursery Rhyme (

    this game was only 1% complete before the hole translation went dark and nobody seems to be planing to continue on the game.

    i have put links in this tread to sites that gives info. on the games and i hope somebody can do this. and if your planing to do a translation of the game please PM me and if you're not intrested please share this threat to anybody that might be intrested. i hope i get response on this and i will be forever gratefull if someone would translate one of these games

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    I like how you ask it and I completely understand how bad is knowing that many games you like aren't going to be translated. But once again, I never liked people asking others this kind of things. You are asking us to translate a whole game just because you like it. Sorry, I'm not doing it and less for free.

  4. oh wow, there are more pplz who want a translation for neko kawaigari...
    if anyone would do a translation, i would be REALLY happy, i think i would even die from happiness <3
    i want it so incredible badly, i would even pay for it.
    so, if anyone wants to make one of my biggest wishes to come true and get paid for it, feel free to mail me~


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