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Thread: Are there any eroge that are playable online?

  1. Are there any eroge that are playable online?

    Not through download, torrent, or installation. Playing it through a website or something like that.

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  3. A game called like "Chat" with a bit lower 3dsexvilla graphisms, requiring a client to dl. Can't find it any more, i'm sorry.

  4. Sounds like a hentai game you want to play on a server. Nothing comes to mind, and I highly doubt anything like this would happen anytime soon.

    Online games like MMOs favor a large audience and try to deliver an experience everyone could enjoy. One of the "offensive" problems related to game commerce (buying/selling in-game items for in-game currency or real currency) is escorts or electronic prostitution. North America is very conservative towards anything sexual, so any online game which could be easily accessed by kids is going to raise some red flags and get slapped around with obscenity charges. Some exceptions might be the smaller online games like IMVU, Second Life, or Furcadia where user-created content could used to create sexually explicit material. But these game operators can restrict sexual themes they find inappropriate, such as how Linden Labs banned "age players" a few years ago.


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