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Thread: REQUEST: Lunar Silver Star Story - PC VERSION - [JAP] (1999)

  1. REQUEST: Lunar Silver Star Story - PC VERSION - [JAP] (1999)

    Hi, I've been a long time fan of the Lunar series - well actually "Lunar: Silver Star Story" to be more specific

    I found the cinematics and music to be nostalgic, melodic, and timeless...however, as good as the Working Designs english translations were, I still prefer the original Japanese versions. Therefore I have been searching for the PC release of the Lunar: SSS which has the highest quality cinematics as well as (easily) mod-able game files.

    There used to be links to the 2CD images on but their site is down. Thinking myself clever, I accessed the cache for the links here. But unfortunately, the links werehosted by MegaUpload, which also was taken down

    Edit: Alright since it's not allowed to post direct links to the CD files, I'd like to request the cinematic and music files, as will as any game art rips. But most important are the cinematics.

    (I personally think that disallowing ALL links to image files, is a bit extreme, since it's almost impossible to acquire this game due to its age and limited release. I think HongFire was one of the best places for digital preservation of Japanese classics. But that is just my opinion.)
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    If you can't find it here, you can always ask at DGEMU or AS.

  4. Thanks Dalam, I'll definitely check on DGEmu, I didn't know that they also did the PC platform.

    But can you tell me what 'AS' stands for. Sorry I'm a bit of noob when it comes to the forum scene for this kind of stuff...HongFire was my goto site for everything j-game related.

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    Anime Sharing. It's another site that you can go to, though all of the stuff they post is on file hosting sites. So, if it went down due to the MU scare, you'll have to hope they reupload it.


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